The Magickal Home

reflect the magick of you within your home

Energy is everything. And you are the living energy within the walls of your home.

You have the power to transform your living space into a safe, sacred and spiritual home. A home of rest, sactuary and love. Every corner of your home vibrates with a living energy and here you can learn how to make a magickal home with cleansing, protection, gardening and witchy decorating ideas!

What is a magickal home?

Our home environment plays a big role in influencing the way we think, feel and act and all too often we neglect this element of our life.

A happy home is where energy flows freely; a place of rest and relaxation where you can nourish and nurture you and your family. No matter if you live in a little cottage by the woods or a city apartment, it’s really easy for you to create a home that will improve your mood and instil a positive approach to living life well.

How simple & how beautiful!

Who is this for?

    ~ Are you ready to clear out old, stagnant energies that have gathered in your home?

    ~ Are you ready to create something special, something sacred, something for you?

    ~ Are you looking to weave magick into the bones of your home?

    ~ Do you want to create a safe and joyful living space for you and your loved ones?

    ~ Do you wish to learn simple rituals and natural remedies to enhance your home and wellbeing?

    ~ Do you yearn to inject more of YOU into your home?

    ~ Are you ready to connect with nature through the choices you make in your home, creating a beautiful sanctuary.

    ~ Are you ready to be in a warm, loving and fun space?

    If you are looking to create a little magick in your home, then do come and join us. Furniture will be moved... but not by ghosts.

    My magickal home

    Hawthorn Cottage is a cosy and colourful home embued with much love and magick.

    I bought the cottage two years ago and pulled out the kitchen, bathrooms, carpets and quite a bit of the overgrown garden. As I did this, I talked to the house, running my hands along her walls, whispering to her, soothing her of any discomfort she may have felt from having the past thirty five years removed from her.

    I asked permission from the spirits in the garden if they were happy for me to remove so much of it's growth. There were beds of old herbs that had been untouched for years and unchecked bays that were as tall as the house. And although heartbreaking to remove all this greenery, it was a necessary.

    And I have slowly been creating a magickal home for me and The Little Owl ever since.

    Walls have been painted and sung too, wildflowers and herbs have been planted, fields and woods have been walked, local waterways found, healing as happened, purpose has been found, space has been created, circles have been had, women have been held and women have been inspired. All this. All this thanks to the living in and loving of my magkical home.

    And that's it. Magick is simple. Magick is just energy. Magick is your energy. And you can make your home a reflection of the magick you have within you.

    “Katy has such a gift. She radiates Mother Earth’s love. It’s potent, it’s velvety, it’s nourishing and filled with joy!”

    Say yes to making your home magickal!

    About Katy

    I am a wild woman. A wise woman. A healer. A magical mentor. I am The Wilding Witch.

    I am a talented mentor with 24 years leadership experience in creative businesses. I have managed large agencies, clients and projects at a senior level. I am heart-led entrepreneur with my own product and services business. I am a solo Mother, with love and thanks to an anonymous donor. And I have helped hundreds of women rediscover themselves, reconnect with the cycles of the seasons and unearth a beautiful way of living with their wild & wonderful hearts.

    As a witch, I am practical as I am resourceful - I can do most things in my home (apart from electrics!) and am always happy to roll up my sleaves and get a bit painty. Many of my things have come from car boot sales or charity shops. And if I really love something, I will pay good money for it.

    The Magickal Home feels like a wonderful weaving of my knowledge, my experiences and all the things I love - and I am very excited to open such a beautiful space for you.

    “Katy is a wise, wonderful soul and inspirational teacher who so  loves what she does. It's truly infectious. She held such a peaceful space for us to listen, learn and get really creative and I loved every single minute."


    What's included over the four weeks

    The workshops will include teachings on the energy of you and your home, we will clear away the clutter and cleanse the space, make toxic-free tinctures and unearth the magick that lives in you. After all, what makes a home truly magickal is you!

    There are four workshops in total and will be on Thursdays (1pm - 2pm) on Zoom. All recordings will be available, so don't worry if you miss a session.

    My intention is to inspire you into creating a home that feels aligned to you and feels alive with beautiful energy. A home that feels protected. A home that feels powerful. A home that feels peaceful. A home where wonderful life happens.

    Week one: The magick of you

    •  Everything is energy - it flows through you and your home

    •  Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your values?

    • Set intentions for how we want to live and the home we want to create

    Week two: Know your home

    • What and where are the cardinal points?

    • What and where are your sacred spaces in & around your home?

    • What can we work with from your garden, windowbox or local hedge?

    Week three: Clear & cleanse

    • The power of an energetic Spring Clean and whole house declutter

    • Toxic-free tinctures - how to make magickal floorwashes & herb bundles

    • The benefits of bringing nature into your home (and twigs, right!)

    Week four: Magickal tools for you & your home

    •  How can weave a little practical magick into the fabric of our homes?

    •  Protection pentacles to hang in the hall

    • How to create sigils & symbols

      I cannot wait to make my home magickal



      The world needs women like us. The witches. The wise women. The wild women. The non-ordinaries. The keepers of the land. The women who believe in magick.

      I am really excited to share my knowledge, experience and passion with you and make this the moment you create a home full of much magick.

      Are you ready to clear out old, stagnant energies that have gathered in your home? Are you ready to create something special, something sacred, something for you?
      Are you ready to be in a warm, loving and fun space?

      Then come and join The Magickal Home and we will begin to weave absolute magick into our homes. And have a lot of fun along the way!

      Wild women, the earth is calling you home.

      And so am I.

      Love & twigs

      Pricing for The Magickal Home

      The Magickal Home is just £199.

      There are two ways to join…

      1. You can pay in full now
      2. Or two monthly installments of £120

      Simply book your place here or email Katy to set up your payment plan.

      Start your journey to Create Your Magickal Home





      "I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

      Sophie B