Awakening The Wild Woman

Can you hear the call?

 Wild women, we are living in extraordinary times. All is moving, energy is shifting, old systems are crumbling and we are being called to help rebalance the natural flow and order of things.

I feel this. Deeply. In my bones. And in my wate.

A journey of Self-discovery

Wild women, we are living in extraordinary times. All is moving, energy is shifting, old systems are crumbling and we are being called to help rebalance the natural flow and order of things.

I feel this. Deeply. In my bones. And in my waters.

I feel women want to shed old traumas; to unhook old belief systems and step out from beneath the patriarchal conditioning that has been put upon us.

I feel women want to remember how to be guided by their intuition, how to listen to themselves, how to open themselves, how to receive, how to fully embrace all the magic that lives within them.

I feel women are being pulled at a deep level by the desire to change the way we live our lives, but are not certain of the way forward.

I feel women are looking to reconnect with themselves, to discover the truth found in their wild heart, the truth in their soul, their desires, and their passions.

I feel women want to find new ways of speaking, listening and being to help support the woman they are becoming.

On this journey... you will be guided through a process of self-reflection, exploration and growth that will help you gain a clearer sense of purpose and direction in life. I will help you re-connect with what you believe in and what is important to you to allow you to live and speak with authenticity and truth. And working towards personal growth and enhancing your wellbeing will help bring in positive emotions, such as love, joy and creativity.

I am ready to activate my personal power


A journey of Spirituality

I feel there is a way of understanding, experiencing and interacting with life intimately when we are truly connected to the earth.

I feel women are being activated at both a soil and soul level to work more in harmony with the land and the turning of the seasons.

I feel women are being called to work more and more with the cyclical nature of Mother Earth, the seasons and to understand the cyclical and wild nature of themselves.

I feel women want to align themselves to the way our ancestors lived with the land and learn the ancient ways in a modern, meaningful way.

I feel women want to learn the crafts of the women who have gone before us… to feel the natural energy of the medicine women, to take part in the rituals of the earth priestess, to gather the herbs of the hedge-witches to make healing remedies and recipes.

I feel women want to discover the forces of the natural elements, to explore the different energies of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit to bring balance.

I feel women want to learn how to work with the healing properties of the trees and the herbs, to know what fruit, flowers and seeds to gather, to know how to prepare them for the wellbeing of their hearth and home.

On this journey... you will connect with all things; the fields, the streams, the hedgerows, the earth, the sky and the human-folks. These natural cycles of energy... the cycle of birth, growth and death, the cycle of the seasons and the blood cycles of women all carry profoundly spiritual meanings. And as we begin to see, feel and move with these tides and rhythms, we can begin to deepen our understanding and our relationship with the living world around us.  

I am ready to connect with something beyond myself


A journey of Sisterhood

I feel women want to feel connected with others. To share, support, love, celebrate and laugh their way through this precious life.

I feel there is work to be done together as women. To shed masculine competitive ways, to remove old witch wounds, to remove the fear of being hurt or betrayed by our women folks.

I feel women intuitively know it is time to harness our ability to heal, to create, to collaborate, to move beyond messages of fear, division and hate and begin to work together for the greater good of all.

On this journey... you will sit with our sisters in a women’s circle - an intimate gathering of women for women. A safe and gentle space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together. When women hold space for one another, when women share together, when women heal together and when women laugh together much magick and transformation can take place.  

I am ready to gather with my Sisters


The invitation

Awakening The Wild Woman is my invitation for you to come home to yourself, to reconnect with the earth and to gather in an intimate circle of wonderful women. A space to learn, love, heal and be.

This space is perfect for women who are looking for something more, but can't quite put their finger on what that something is. Women who feel called to something a little bit wild, a little bit witchy, but are unsure where to begin.

Your next chapter starts today.

A little owlumni love

The energy that this woman holds is an energy I’ve never felt in anyones presence before. Katy has a magick in her bones, in her waters, a magick that holds you whether you are with her in person or on Zoom.

A feeling of being deeply held by her and by everything that she brings into the relationship with you as you work together. A feeling of being supported at such a deep feminine to feminine energetic way, and this is the reason I year on year work with Katy - and will continue to do so.

She has helped me to reconnect to the woman I am deep in my heart, deep in my DNA and in my soul. She has helped me so deeply and so beautifully and with humour, because she has such a brilliant sense of humour. She has helped me to remember parts of myself that, fragments of me that had been lost and in some respects I didn’t even know.

She helped me to see myself deeply, but in a beautiful, magickal, almosts poetic way. Using gorgeous 121 rituals, sitting in group circles, working with herbs in my garden that I didn’t even know I had, working with my cycles, the moons cycles, seasonal cycles, all of which was so beautiful.

And it has really changed the way that I view myself, how I know myself, how I show up for me, not only everyday, but in my new business.

And Katy has been there for me every step of the way as I have gone from working in my corporate career of twenty years and taking a huge leap into my coaching business full time.

I don’t know how I would have done it without her support, wisdom, strength, care and love and her magick.

Who is this for?

~ You've kept your energy and light turned to low to fit in, to please, to keep the status quo

~ You’ve been doing a little self learning and growing parts of yourself, but now want to go deeper

~ You want to figure out what you want from this life - who you are and how you want to live

~ You are looking for big change... a change of career, a reboot of your business, a new beginning or a deeper connection

~ You feel disconnected from your natural and powerful state - your passion and your purpose

~ You've been leaning into your witchy side a little, gleaning what you can online, but are ready to step more into that part of yourself

~ You’re passionate about the earth, about giving back to nature, looking after our world and living more in tune with it

~ You want to learn more about your cycle, the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of mother nature and how these fit together

~ You know that you ARE connected and ARE in tune with this, but feel a little lost and have NO idea how to start

~ You’ve put off doing anything for a while because it all just feels too big

~ You want to feel truly yourself with a group of like minded women and embark on a journey of discovery together

This is for ALL women.

A little more owlumni love

Katy’s is wonderful at holding space for others. A space full of love which inspires love. Katy has helped me tune into who I am, what I enjoy and want more of in my life. She has shown me a well of knowing within me. She has awoken forgotten loves and inspired me to add these and the cycle of the seasons and small rituals into my everyday life. With Katy’s help I am now listening. I feel heard and seen, accepted and loved. My days seem brighter, speckled with joy and a new eagerness for the future. 

I would love to join

Why Awakening The Wild Woman?

As many of you know we have moved into the Age of Aquarius, a time of unity, oneness and coming together. Out of the patriarchal conditioning is rising an incredible and long forgotten power… the power of the feminine, the power of The Wild Woman.

The Wild Woman is that part of you who knows she is innately powerful. The Wild Woman trusts in her elemental ability to create the life that she truly wants to live. The Wild Woman has the ability to understand her cyclical nature, working with the moon, working with the seasons and working with her menstrual cycle. The Wild Women is somebody who doesn’t fear going into the dark and the shadows to do her healing, and understands the vital importance in helping change the worlds that we see now. A world heavily reliant on external validation, being someone we are not, ego and fear.

Experience the power of the wild woman


Every season holds its own energetic vibration and together we will journey through each glorious part of the year. The themes of self-discovery, nature based spirituality and sisterhood all weave beautifully together throughout our journey together. Just writing this is giving me all the feels!

The journey will feel a little like this... but please know this is a guide and may well evolve as we move through the year.

Month One ~ The opening

~ Gathering our fellow Sisters & setting our intentions for the journey ahead 
~ Activating your power... physically, emotionally & metaphysically
~ What bought you here? What do you need to let go of?

Month Two ~ The Energy of Autumn

~ A powerful time to observe your patterns... what is fact & what is thought
~ We begin our journey inward, bringing our attention to our interior world
~ What is your soul calling you too? What is she trying to tell you?

Month Three ~ Discover the power of you

~ Understanding your masculine energy of doing... of achieving, logic & reason
~ Leaning into your feminine energy of being... of intuition, receiving & allowing
~ How can you harness these powerful energies within you to bring balance

Month Four ~ The energy of Winter

Dropping into the earth; a time to rest, reflect, nurture & nourish 
A time to shed, to lay bare & connect with our true essence
What magick lies within? What seeds can you sew into the dark winter soil?

Month Five ~ Connect with your spirit guides

~ Discover knowledge & layers of meaning within other realms
~ Connect with your spirit team, your guides who will help bring insight & inspiration
~ How can I lean into forces greater than myself? How will they support me?

Month Six ~ Symbolism, signs & sigils

~ Bringing awareness, meaning & magick to the everyday
~ Group Elemental Tarot Reading to bring insight & provide inspiration to your journey
~ What energy is available to me? How can I work positively with this?

Month Seven ~ The Energy of Spring

~ New beginnings; a time to plant visions, ideas, thoughts & dreams
~ Re-imagine a life of your choosing, filled with freedom, joy & abundance
~ Why is my life the way it is? How can I affect goodly change?

Month Eight ~ Connect with Elemental Magick

~ Lean into the natural world; discover the forces of the natural elements
~ Work with the different energies of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit
~ How can I work with and balance these elements? What can I use them for?

Month Nine ~ Working with our plant allies

~ Connect with the potent & healing power of the natural world around you
~ Work with the energy of the trees, herbs & pants in & around your garden
What is the spiritual meaning of plants? How can I weave them into my practice?

Month ten ~ The energy of Summer 

~ A time of power, courage, creativity & expansiveness
~ Summoning the power of self
~ Who are you stepping into? What are you stepping into?

Month eleven ~ The body of the wild woman

~ Tapping into the intelligence within your body, reconnect with your physical self
~ A remembering of our wild, wise & free essence 
Where is energy caught in your body? How does this want to move through you?

Month Twelve ~ The Closing

~ Pause, reflect & journey forth into a life of our choosing
~ Create your own unique sigil to represents your specific intentions
~ What has moved through you? What power are you unleashing?

Start your journey today

And a little more client love


I'm so glad I came into Katy's world - I felt like I already knew Katy when I met her. I valued her intelligence and warm sense of fun as well as her wisdom and intuitive knowledge about womanhood, nature and spirit.

I held my first women's circle straight out of the programme and wow, what an experience. It felt like this is something women out there in the world are waiting for, so I can't recommend the programme and Katy enough.

Vic has joined me on The Women's Circle and The Witch's Wheel of the Year.

What's included over the 12 months

Work 121 with me

  • In person activation at The Opening Retreat
  • Eleven monthly 121 mentoring sessions (one hour per session)
  • Private 121 voice & messaging to receive live support (Monday to Thursday 11am - 3pm)

Work with my team

  • Group Tarot reading with my in-house mystic witch
  • Group Qoya & Somatic inspired movement session
  • Mindset magick coaching (tbc)
  • Group Women's health & a little kitchen witchery

Work with The Awakening The Wild Woman Sisterhood

  • Twelve monthly online group teaching & circles (60 minutes, daytime)
  • Four online seasonal circles (90 minutes, evening)
  • Access to a group of heart-led women who are willing to share & support you on your journey

    Retreat days

    • The Opening (two day luxury retreat experience in Dorset, England)
    • Spring (one day retreat in Dorset, England)
    • The Closing (one day retreat in Dorset, England)

      Please note that for women who live overseas, we can adjust the retreat component to suit your needs

      Invest in a beautiful journey of wilding

      Your investment

      The exchange for Awakening The Wild Woman is £6,666.

      You can...

      1. Book and pay in full today to receive a discount to £5,555.


      2. Book and spread your payments over twelve months at £555 per month. Subject to terms & conditions.

      Early Bird Offer

      If you are ready to move, you can sign up today and receive 20% off the full price. This is just £444 per month.

      This offer is available from Thursday 23rd May 2024 to Thursday 20th June 2024.

      This Early Bird offer falls magically between the potent portal of The Full Flower Moon and Midsummer's eve.

      This is a time of new beginnings. A time to explore and find the nourishment needed to help you grow and evolve. A beautiful time to bring your spiritual body into alignment with your emotional and physical body.

      A time to trust the nudges, to pay attention to the signs and listen to the voice of your higher self.


      Are you ready to create and distill the power of Self-Discovery, Spirituality and Sisterhood into something potent and powerful for yourself?

      If a big YES, email Katy and we can open the pathway for you.

      Applications to join Awakening The Wild Woman are now open.

      To apply, email Katy using this link to schedule a call, detailing what is calling you to join this programme and what you are hoping to get from being in this powerful and potent space.


      The next cohort for Awakening The Wild Woman commences on Friday 20th September 2024.

      About Katy

      I am a wild woman. A wise woman. A healer. An intuitive & inspirational mentor. I am The Wilding Witch.

      I am a talented mentor with 24 years leadership experience in creative businesses. I have managed large agencies, clients and projects at a senior level. I am heart-led entrepreneur with my own product and services business. I am a solo Mother, with love and thanks to an anonymous donor.

      I have helped hundreds of women rediscover themselves, reconnect with the cycles of the seasons and unearth a beautiful way of living with their wild & wonderful hearts. I work intimately and intuitively with women on my award winning retreats, group programmes and private mentorships.

      I am deeply connected to the land. I deeply believe and feel the ancient law of life, the living flow of energy and I find such sanctuary in the fields, the streams, the hills and the trees. I understand the flow of energy and how we can attune to it and work joyfully with it.

      I am great at hugs - a proper Amma style hugger. I am funny, kind, compassionate and I will become your biggest cheer-leader.

      My purpose in this life time is to activate women. I am here to open the wild & wonderful hearts of women. I am here to move women into a space of receiving and allowing. And to awaken joy, love, hope & happiness deep in their soul.

      Awakening The Wild Woman is my offering to you... to take your on a journey of self-discovery, nature based spirituality and land you in the heart of your own sisterhood.


      Dearest Sisters

      I am filled with such joy & excitement to open the doors to the next cohort of my signature programme, Awakening The Wild Woman.

      This will be the third year I have offered this experience and it just gets more and more delicious. 

      The women who have been on this journey with me have seen phenomenal change and growth within their lives. They have developed a greater sense of self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love. They have become more creative, more optimistic and more in tune to themselves.
      They have become more connected to the natural flow of things and deepened their understanding and relationship with the natural world around them.
      They have seen extraordinary changes within their day-to-day lives... big careers changes, new businesses launched and new opportunities and pathways opening up for them.

      And bestly, they have unearthed the parts of themselves that had been lost or forgotten and are now truly inspired to live the path of the wild woman.

      "Thank you for holding me in the most sacred of spaces this past year. For guiding me towards the wild women I truly am, for helping me to uncover parts of myself that I had lost or forgotten about. It has been such a beautiful journey to travel with you, such a joy!"

      “A heartfelt thank you to you, Katy, your guidance and support have helped me unlock my true potential and chase my dreams fearlessly.”

      All these women have such a big place in my heart... although all is not lost as they are already booking in for their wild woman "tops ups" as part of my private community, The Owlumni.

      So, are you ready to Awaken YOUR Wild Woman?

      Do you feel you are ready to step into a year of self discovery, spirituality and sisterhood?

      I do hope so. I am an incredible guide. And I am holding space for eight wonderful women to come and join me for a year of wild woman-ness.

      And to have a little fun along the way... it's not all Kilner Jars and spiders legs!

      Love & twigs

      Join me & awaken YOUR Wild Woman



      "I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

      Sophie B