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At The Owl & the Apothecary, we provide luxury experiences designed to inspire and create positive change.  

Beautiful boxes contain products, ideas, tools and the imagination to help women find a deeper connection with themselves.

Katy Theakston, our founder, was inspired by her love of the wild, wellbeing and magic:

“I grew up in the hedgerows of Sussex before working for creative companies in Sydney & London. Researching for a project led to a love of seeking & sharing knowledge for natural wellness, positive action, the wild & the witchy.

I am no stranger to the powers of positive transformation. I have lost weight, had my heart spectacularly broken & slowly mended, left a loved & longstanding job and moved from East London to the Dorset countryside. 

I am on the grand adventure of single motherhood (with gratitude to an anonymous donor) and am hugely excited about growing my business The Owl & the Apothecary.”

 Our love of the wild has called upon us to draw inspiration from the British countryside, the night sky and the creative energies of earth, wind, fire and water.

Our love of wellbeing has led us to create an apothecary from products containing natural ingredients, including the healing powers of essential oils.

Our love of magic has led us to create beautiful experiences that capture the imagination, spark thought and encourage new happenings.

We have selected products proven to be beneficial to health and wellbeing, including natural oils & creams, aromatic candles and healing stones. All are free from nasties such as SLS, Parabens and Triclosan and are farmed and packaged responsibly.

They are curated from established brands and bespoke crafters, all sharing the same philosophy as us; beautiful products made with love and care.

We’ve created and attached charming rituals to the products to create and guide a more meaningful experience — from a luxurious bathing ritual to dancing wildly under the full moon — and each box is themed with a different mood and sentiment. The Elemental Range is for each sign of the zodiac (Air, Earth, Water & Fire) and other experiences include Peace, Adventure, Motherhood and Freedom.

At The Owl & the Apothecary, we have bought together our unique blend of wildness, wellness and magic to help inspire women towards positive change.

All it takes is an open heart. A willingness to be inspired. And a little bit of magic. 


 With love & twigs
The Owl & the Apothecary