The wilding witch

A mother of the earth

I feel there is a way of understanding, experiencing and interacting with life intimately when we are truly connected to the earth.

I feel women are being activated at both a soil and soul level to work more in harmony with the land and the turning of the seasons.

I feel women are being called to work more and more with the cyclical nature of Mother Earth, the seasons and to understand the cyclical and wild nature of themselves.

activation at at soil & soul level


I am deeply connected to the ancient land of The British Isles. I deeply feel the living flow of natural energy and I find such sanctuary in the fields, the streams, the hedgerows, the hills and the trees.

I understand the flow of energy and how we can attune to it and work positively with it.

I believe in the wisdom of the land and the healing power it holds. I am interested in the symbolism and messages available to us from nature and how this can inspire connection, creativity and ceremony in our modern lives.



I feel women want to remember how to be guided by their intuition, how to listen to themselves, how to open themselves, how to receive, how to fully embrace all the magic that lives within them.

I feel women are looking to reconnect with themselves, to discover the truth found in their wild heart, the truth in their soul, their desires, and their passions.

I feel women want to find new ways of speaking, listening and being to help support the woman they are becoming.

rituals of the earth priestess

the ancient way

I feel women want to align themselves to the way our ancestors lived with the land and learn the ancient ways in a modern, meaningful way.

I feel women want to learn the crafts of the women who have gone before us… to feel the natural energy of the medicine women, to take part in the rituals of the earth priestess, to gather the herbs of the hedge-witches to make healing remedies and recipes.

I feel women want to learn the healing properties of the trees and the herbs, to know what fruit, flowers and seeds to gather, to know how to prepare them for the wellbeing of their hearth and home.