Blood + Bone

A remembering of the old ways & ancient pathways

Of singing the stories of our ancient land... the pathways of moss, stone, stick & bone

Of receiving the wisdom of our foremothers... the pathways of hearth, craft, cloak & crone

Of drumming the heartbeats of the feathered & furred... the pathways of deer, hare, owl & wolf

Of dreaming & weaving within the liminal space... the pathways of mugwort, spiders, spindle & loom

Of honouring the cycles of birth, life & death... the pathways of seasons, spirals, rhythms & tides

Of bathing in the symbolism of red & the feminine blood... the pathways of menarche, childbirth & wise blood

Of moving with the vibrations and rhythms of life... the pathways of song, music, drum & silence

Of opening our hearts to the potential for softening & deepening... the pathways of life, love, loss & learning

Of being with our Sisters... the pathways of connection, creativity, ceremony & circle

Wild women... this pathway is yours. It is time to quietly gather your woven baskets of healing herbs, hedgerow dyes and wild wool-moss and join me on a journey of Blood + Bone.


Blood + Bone is my brand new ten month wild woman experience. A unique and beautiful blend of ancient crafting, intimate retreats, intuitive mentorship & sacred circles. 

Blood + Bone is a journey of self-discovery, a deepening of earth based spirituality and a gathering of sisterhood. A remembering and honouring of the old ways reimagined for modern times and modern woman.

During our potent and powerful journey together...

You will receive full, intimate mentorship with me to deepen your relationship with your wild feminine self. Together, we will release blocked energy, let go of fear and move your heart into softness, open-ness and receiving-ness. We will create new pathways of living, loving, joy and abundance in all aspects of your life.

You will learn the sacred crafts of natural dying, spinning and weaving. Working with the root of common madder you will dye a Dartmoor fleece, spinning this into a skein of blood red thread for ceremonial use throughout the year. Working with Rosemary Riedel O'Brien, Ceremonial Weaver and Spinner, you will create your own Ceremonial Womb Wrap from locally sourced wool. This cocooning cloth will nurture and protect your womb spaces and show reverence and offering to the feminine mysteries. 

You will connect to The Red Thread, the ties that bind us symbolically to all women who have come before us and all who are to come. Red of vitality, blood and life can root us into our innate connection to the web of being, inviting us to honour and revere our own wombs and blood journeys, as well as the collective feminine experience. The Red Thread weaves all women together, and becomes a sacred reminder of our place on the Earth. 

You will learn the art of drum making, a rich and deep ceremony of connection and belonging. You will birth a unique and soulful traditional frame drum from locally and ethically sourced hand prepared materials. This experience is a joyous and sacred space and will be guided by Dorrie Joy, a most beautiful ceremonialist who teaches ancestral skills & traditional crafts.

You will learn to unearth and carry sacred songs for ceremony, prayer and healing. A powerful practice in becoming a vessel for source, for the divine feminine energies and for the earth.

You will deepen your understanding of your own responsibilities as a wild women of the earth. You will gain more confidence within your own womanhood, you will build a deeper reverence and respect for the land, you will be inspired to create change and impact within your communities.

You will journey through the powerful portal between the Spring Equinox and the Midwinter Solstice. You will move with the tides of year... from the energy of Spring new beginnings and inspiration to the energy of Midsummer abundance and growth to the energy of Autumn rebalancing and the energy of Winter planting seeds into the dark fertile soil.

Blood + Bone is a rich and potent offering. A perfect balance of creativity, ceremony, spaciousness and sisterhood. The experience is both modern and ancient. A threshold. A crossing. Earthbound. Unbound. Of heart and of hearth. 

Are you ready to move, to deepen, to soften and to receive?

Are you ready to create and distill the power and energy of these threads into something potent and powerful for yourself?

If a big, beautiful yes, then Blood + Bone is for you, dear Sister.


womb belt

"The energy that this woman holds is an energy I’ve never felt in anyones presence before. Katy has a magick in her bones, in her waters, a magick that holds you whether you are with her in person or on Zoom.

A feeling of being deeply held by her and by everything that she brings into the relationship with you as you work together. A feeling of being supported at such a deep feminine to feminine energetic way.
She has helped me to remember parts of myself that, fragments of me that had been lost and in some respects I didn’t even know. And it has really changed the way that I view myself, how I know myself, how I show up for me, not only everyday, but in my new business". Stacy

What will we do?womans circle


Weaving 2



Spring residential retreat, North Cornwall
~ Learn the art of dying, spinning & weaving to create your own Womb belt


~ Blood + Bone Circle
~ Understanding the three stages of blood... menarche, childbirth & wise blood


Blood + Bone Circle
~ A celebration gathering & sharing of stories


~ Midsummer Day Retreat, Dorset
~ Ancient craft & ceremony of birthing your own traditional frame drum


Blood + Bone Circle
~ Beginning your journey with your drum 


~ Blood + Bone Circle
A celebration gathering & sharing of stories


~ Blood + Bone Circle
~ Unearthing and carrying sacred songs


~ Autumn residential retreat
Songs of ancestors, Bone Woman and the land


~ Blood + Bone Circle
~ Sowing our winter seeds deep within the dark, fertile soil


~ Blood + Bone Circle
~ Closing ceremony



"Katy's retreat was a truly magical experience, an enriching journey I cannot wait to embark on again. It allowed me to transcend my expectations and discover a profound connection to myself and those around me. If you're seeking a transformative experience that combines relaxation, adventure, and inner growth, I wholeheartedly recommend joining this retreat. It's an experience that will leave you feeling replenished, inspired, and eager to embrace the journey within".



  • Eight 121 sessions working with me to up-level all aspects of your life
  • Intimate, intuitive & inspiration guidance to empower your spiritual growth
  • Working with earth based practices & practical moves we will cover purpose, work, love, life, health & spirituality 


  • Spring Equinox Residential Retreat... learn the ancient art of dying, spinning & weaving (accommodation, materials & food included)
  • Midsummer Solstice Day Retreat... birth your own shamanic medicine drum (materials & food included)
  • Autumn Equinox Residential Retreat... gathering bones  (accommodation, materials & food included)


  • Seven circles & teachings with me or my phenomenal guest speakers
  • Group Voxer access to share & support your sisters on the programme


    Blood + Bone will commence on Thursday 21st March 2024 and close in December 2024.

    Spring Residential Retreat, Cornwall
    Thursday 21st March 2024 (4pm) - Sunday 24th March 2024 (10am)

    Midsummer Day Retreat, Dorset
    Saturday 22nd June 2024 (10am - 8pm)

    Autumn Retreat, Cornwall
    Thursday 17th October 2024 (4pm) - Sunday 20th 2024 (10am)

    All circles will be held in the evenings, via Zoom. Dates to be confirmed.


     Blood + Bone is an intimate gathering of just five wild & wonderful women. 


    firepit outside with benches and stone surround

    Our home for the two residential retreats in Spring and Autumn will be a stunning and lovingly restored 18th century barn, tucked away in the wild countryside on the north Cornish coast.

    The space is simply beautiful…  the interiors have been beautifully restored and brought to life, creating blissfully tranquil spaces in gorgeous-hued loveliness. With under-floor heating downstairs and two wood burners, this is a stunning escape for us to rest, restore and replenish.

    The house is built in gorgeous Cornish stone, and I always find these beautiful greys and blues hold quite a masculine vibration to them. I love the idea that we will be held within these walls, that we will be held safely in this space, that the very walls will allow us to feel what needs to be felt, will hold us to see what needs to be seen. That the walls will hold us, for us to simply be the feminine that flows through the space.

    Perfectly, there are two outside places for a little fire magick. The gorgeous open fireplace on the terrace just outside the kitchen is an ideal setting for journaling under a pile of blankets and The Scrape at the bottom of the garden is surrounded by a stone circle.

    Where will we sleep?

    There are five beautiful bedrooms, each named after the paint or fabrics the designer has used within them. All of the beds are covered with super-soft bedding, sumptuous throws and cushions to ensure a blissful nights’ sleep. All rooms are solo occupancy, three are ensuite.

    Anthos This room is on the top floor at the cottage end with a super king bed with padded headboards in Sanderson Anthos fabric. This room has lovely views over the garden. Solo occupancy & shared bathroom. 

    Orton This room is on the lower ground floor at the cottage end. Handmade super king bed with padded headboard Romo Orton. Gorgeous French windows that lead out on to the garden and its own private terrace. Ensuite shower room and access to an outdoor shower. Solo occupancy & ensuite.

    Brassica This room is on the top floor at the Bothy end of the house and has a king sized, handmade bed with padded headboard in Andrew Martin linen. With delightful views over the courtyard garden. Solo occupancy & shared bathroom.

    Oasis This room lies on the ground floor at the Bothy end of the house and has a king sized bed with padded headboard in Lewis and Wood Boukhara fabric. With views on to the courtyard gardens plus a walk-in double shower with double basins. Solo occupancy & ensuite.

    PeinoirPeignoir This room lies on the middle floor at the cottage end of the retreat. A huge handmade super king bed with padded headboard in Lewis and Wood Bullfinch Santiago, views over the garden and an en suite bathroom with huge bath and hand shower. Solo occupancy & ensuite. 



    About Katy

    I am a wild woman. A wise woman. A healer. A spiritual mentor. I am The Wilding Witch.
    I am a talented mentor with 24 years leadership experience in creative businesses. I have managed large agencies, clients and projects at a senior level. I am heart-led entrepreneur with my own product and experience business. I am a solo Mother, with love and thanks to an anonymous donor.

    I have helped hundreds of women rediscover themselves, reconnect with the cycles of the seasons and unearth a beautiful way of living with their wild & wonderful hearts. I work intimately with women on my award winning retreats, group programmes and private mentorship offerings.
And I am an expert hug-giver.

    I am deeply connected to the land. I deeply believe and feel the ancient law of life, the living flow of energy and I find such sanctuary in the fields, the streams, the hills and the trees. I understand the flow of energy and how we can attune to it and work joyfully with it.

    I am here to unlock your wild and wonderful heart. I am here to open your heart, to move you into a space of receiving and to awaken joy, love, hope & happiness deep in your soul.

    Blood + Bone is my offering to you... to gather, to soften and deepen your wisdom with your craft. 

    "The timing of me meeting Katy felt written in the stars. I’d been wanting to experience mentorship in my personal unfolding, but had not yet met the right match. Katy uses words and an energetic understanding of Gaia that had me nodding and thinking “Yes she will understand me, even when I talk of dragons”.

    Katy uses an intuitive approach which really suits me. It feels free flowing with higher guidance and we reached places of healing I was not consciously aware of needing work. I thought I needed guidance, instead what came through from working with Katy was a neutral & caring witness to pull the threads of my story forward so that I could rise from within.

    Katy held me beautifully as I worked my way energetically through layer upon layer to get closer to my authentic self. A new me was rising through the ashes of my own story. I quickly saw things from a new perspective. Dust was brushed off. Scars were healed. My energetic field was ready to shine brighter. I was lighter. I felt the transformation from victim mindset to creator mindset in some key areas of my life.

    I am forever grateful to all energies that hold us as we rise with Mother Earth. Katy is a channel of potent energy and I thank her for the moments we got to co-create" Astrid


    Dearest Sister
    These past few years there has been a longing in my blood and bones to spiral deeper into the earth, my practice and my purpose.

    I could neither articulate what this was or find a thing that came close to what I was yearning for.
    So I set about creating a bespoke experience entirely for myself, something that bought together the elements of what I was longing for...
    Remembering, singing, moving, weaving, drumming, dreaming, honouring, bathing, opening, receiving and being.

    My soul has carried me along my pathways. To The Somerset Levels to birth a drum from the hide of a red Dartmoor deer, a beautiful deep heart-healing tool. To Dartmoor to deepen my Shamanic practices. To The Witches Circle to unearth my voice and the songs coming from the land. To Dartmoor to learn the sacred crafts of natural dying, spinning and weaving. And back to The Somerset Levels to sit by hearth to connect to my intuition and tend to my winter seeds.
    I have been tending to my grief. Walking through this rich and full experience. The thick and foggy mist. The disconnection from myself. And I have drummed, sung, allowed the tears to flow and quietly sat my way along.
    Through these pathways, these experiences I have been quietly weaving these threads together. Working with the power and magick each one of them held for me.
    And I am so thrilled with what has emerged. What has come through me...
    Blood + Bone holds all the things I was longing for. It is big. And beautiful. A powerful and potent pathway.
    I know other women are longing for these spaces too. Spaces to expand, to feel, to heal and to connect. Spaces that are rich, thoughtful, loving, safe and fun.
    And I feel deeply honoured that my role is to create deep and rich experiences for women. To gather women and guide them to deepen their relationship with self, to deepen their bonds with the land and to make soul connections with other wild & wonderful women.
    Wild women... I am ready.
    Wild woman... are you ready for your year of remembering, singing, moving, weaving, drumming, dreaming, honouring, bathing, opening, receiving and being?
    Wild woman... are you ready to quietly gather your woven baskets of healing herbs, hedgerow dyes and wild wool-moss and join me on a journey of Blood + Bone?
    Simply email me and we will walk this pathway together.
    Love & twigs
    Ps I am always happy to have a Zoom Cup of Tea for you to ask any questions and see if this is right for you!

    What is my investment?

    Blood + Bone is a most intimate gathering of five women.

    The exchange is £5,555.

    This price includes…
    • Eight 121 mentoring sessions (one hour per session)
    • Private 121 voice & message support (Monday to Thursday 11am - 3pm)
    • Seven monthly group teachings & circles
    • Group Voxer for sharing & support, witchy tips & practices
    • Two luxury three night retreat experiences in North Cornwall (all accommodation, food & materials included)
    • One day retreat in Dorset (food & materials included)

    Please note there is an additional cost of £300 for rooms with private ensuite for residential retreats.

    How do I book my place?

    Applications to join Blood + Bone are now open. To apply, email Katy using this link to schedule a call, detailing what is calling you to join this programme and what you are hoping to get from being in this powerful and potent space.

    After our call, you will be able to...

    1. Book and pay in full and receive a FREE Hawthorn Day Retreat (worth £555) or

    2. Book and pay a non-refundable deposit of £555 and spread your payments over eight months at £555 per month. All payments must be made prior to the Autumn retreat.

    Are you ready to move, to deepen, to soften and to receive?

    Are you ready to create and distill the power and energy of these threads into something potent and powerful for yourself?

    If a big YES, email Katy and we can open the pathway for you.



    On making your payment, you agree to Terms & Conditions. Available on request.

    Please note that some themes may evolve over time.




      "I'm feeling much more in flow since working with Katy. And what really shone through for me was her authenticity. There are so many people coming forward to coach others, but it never felt like that with Katy. Katy’s work is unique and it all came from her heart and soul, it was real and raw but professional and considered.  I will definitely work with her again”.




      "I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

      Sophie B