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The Elemental Tarot Reading

The Elemental Tarot Reading has been created to help bring insight and provide inspiration for action to any situation. 

Here at The Owl & The Apothecary we have worked with the Tarot as a guide for self-discovery and growth for over 30 years. We see the Tarot as a powerful tool to connect with the life force from the earth and the light from the cosmos.

The Elemental Tarot Reading has been created to help bring balance to your feminine and masculine. To help you uncover your purpose and your souls calling that is already within you. To help begin to unblock negative trauma or patterns. To help you feel into your intuition. To help increase your capacity to receive. To help you heal. To help you express yourself freely. To help you honour how you feel - and protect that. To help you feel safe. To help empower you to move forward.

Fanny Beaudoin, from Mystic Witch Tarot works with the divine and her spirit guides to deliver a truly powerful reading. She is intuitive, wise and has a deep knowledge of bringing the unseen into life.

If you are asking yourself “Why is my life the way it is?” or “How can I change things?” or “What can I do to manifest” then this reading can help you find what you are looking for.

The Elemental Tarot Readings are a 121 session with Fanny for an hour and held on Zoom.

To book your reading, simply click button below. On receipt of payment, we will email you available dates and times. When we have agreed your place, we will email you details on how to log in to Zoom for your reading.

We look forward to holding you in this wild, feminine space.

With love, light & twigs
Katy & Fanny 

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