All the women who work with me are unique, they have their own story, their own journeys.

But the one thing that unites them all is their experience with me... an experience of ritual, sisterhood and magick.



"The energy that this woman holds is an energy I’ve never felt in anyones presence before. Katy has a magick in her bones, in her waters - a magick that holds you when you are with her. A feeling of being deeply held by her and by everything that she brings into the relationship with you as you work together. A feeling of being supported at such a deep feminine to feminine energetic way, and this is the reason I year on year work with Katy - and will continue to do so.

She has helped me so deeply and so beautifully - and with humour, because she has got a brilliant sense of humour, she has helped me to reconnect to the woman I am deep in my heart, deep in my DNA and deep in my soul. She has helped me to remember parts of myself, fragments of me that had been lost and in some respects I didn’t even know. She helped me to see myself deeply, but in a beautiful, magickal, almosts poetic way.

Using gorgeous 121 rituals, sitting in group circles, working with herbs in my garden that I didn’t even know I had, working with my cycles, the moons cycles, seasonal cycles, all of which was so beautiful. And it has really changed the way that I view myself, how I know myself, how I show up for me, not only everyday, but in my new business too.

Katy has been there for me every step of the way as I have gone from working in my corporate career of twenty years and taking a huge leap into my coaching business full time. I don’t know how I would have done it without her support, wisdom, strength, care, love and her magick" Stacy


"Katy has really helped me to hone in on what it is I am about, what I can offer, how I can make the experience as much for me as for the people I'm holding it for. I think that was the missing piece for me - I was being led by my business head and taking my heart out of the equation. Katy remembered me that this is the hearts work.

I'm feeling much more in flow since working with Katy. And what really shone through for me was her authenticity. There are so many people coming forward to coach others, but it never felt like that with Katy. Katy’s work is unique and it all came from her heart and soul, it was real and raw but professional and considered. I will definitely work with her again”.  Lizzie


“I returned to The Wilding Escape for a second year in a row and was thrilled that it was everything I remembered and more. Katy has a signature embrace that is hard to describe, the sort of hug that makes everything else melt away.

The retreat itself is utterly exquisite, from the food, to the massage and all the welcome gifts. Every detail is high quality, classy and enjoyable.

On both retreats I have accessed a level of rest and replenishment that is so hard to carve out of normal life, making space for much magic and inspiration to flow through.

Thank you Katy, you have a gift for gathering. Gathering women, gathering twigs, and gathering love. Every moment in your company is a treat.” Melanie


"The Hawthorn Day Retreat was an INCREDIBLE experience. Katy holds such a magical space where I felt completely held, calmed, understood, and empowered. The cottage is such a homely space - you can feel the love that has been imbued into every surface, wall and room. The drumming at The Witches Circle was pure magic - I really felt like I left planet earth! I feel like Katy unlocked something inside me which I know is going to make a huge difference to my life". Lauren


"The Hawthorn Day Retreat was an INCREDIBLE experience. Katy holds such a magical space where I felt completely held, calmed, understood, and empowered. The cottage is such a homely space - you can feel the love that has been imbued into every surface, wall and room. The drumming at The Witches Circle was pure magic - I really felt like I left planet earth! I feel like Katy unlocked something inside me which I know is going to make a huge difference to my life". Lauren


'I'm so glad I came into Katy's world - I felt like I already knew Katy when I met her. I valued her intelligence and warm sense of fun as well as her wisdom and intuitive knowledge about womanhood, nature and spirit.

I held my first women's circle straight out of her programme and wow, what an experience. It felt like this is something women out there in the world are waiting for, so I can't recommend her programme and Katy enough." Victoria


“From the moment I discovered The Owl and the Apothecary, I knew I was being called to something very special, and exactly what I needed. After one delightful and love-filled call with Katy, I signed up for the Wilding Escape and spent a month counting the minutes for it to begin!

I went through a difficult period before the retreat and arriving at the house immediately filled me with relief and warmth and the renewed excitement I needed. The location was beautiful and unique, the women (who would quickly become my cherished sisters and friends) were welcoming and fun and there were touches of magic and beauty created in every corner.

Katy stood powerfully as the wise and wonderful creatrix of our environment and our unfolding experience. The food, movement and massage sessions were all luxurious and healing and equally filled with the love and talent of the beautiful practitioners who shared them. This haven became my home, my healing space and my sacred circle for 5 incredible days I will never forget.

The memories of this deeply magical reconnection with myself and nature would be enough… but I had such a shift and transformation that my life has changed inside and out, and I am filled with gratitude.

And it was so effortless, because the retreat doesn’t impose a formula or goal… it is allowed to become what you make it and what’s needed. To go at your own pace and to let things take shape based on the special qualities and personalities of who is there and how we are each growing, exploring and healing in every moment.

Thank you Katy. I love you and I can’t wait to return and experience more magic with you and the sisterhood you called in and created with joy, compassion and humor.” Shannon



"Having joined Katy at The Wilding Escape in Spring I was eager to go again for her Autumn retreat. I knew in my heart that although there would be new women to meet, they would be there for similar reasons and they would all be lovely as Katy has a wonderful knack of bringing in the right people at the right time. I was so right!

We arrived on a sunny autumnal afternoon to be greeted by Katy's open arms and the fires lit in the most glorious of settings. During my four night stay I truly relaxed taking part in Qoya and yoga exercises, having the best ever massage, eating delicious food, walking and beautiful countryside, taking part in inspiring rituals and spending time around the fire chatting with the new wonderful sisters I had met.

I felt the pace of my time at the retreat was perfect. There was enough time for me to do as I wished - a bath or just read my book and this was balanced with activities such as a gentle exercise and a crafter-noon where I remembered my creative side.

The ambience had been meticulously planned with candles, crystals and autumn flowers. The quality of everything was top-notch. Katy's team is incredible, all experts in their fields, and all there to nourish and nurture us. It was all truly amazing.

I cannot put into words how special Katy. She is a wonderful woman with the biggest heart filled with warmth and love for her fellow sisters. It is even harder to put into words how beneficial to my soul this experience has been. It is pure magic and I would highly recommend any of Katy's offerings". Vicky


"I have been working with Katy for about 18 months on zoom and finally got the chance to meet her in person at The Wilding Escape. It was such an amazing weekend! Katy has an amazing energy and a beautiful way of bringing out the real you.

The weekend, full of fabulous foods, relaxing massage, qoya, and amazing women, had a powerful affect that would last a lifetime. It changed me and enabled me to speak my truth in way I have struggled to before - and now I am seeing the magic happening everywhere with all my dreams coming true.

Thank you Katy for helping me be true to myself, clear binds that stoped me from reaching my full potential and helping me align like I have not been able to do in the past. And that’s not even mentioning how I am now a part of a beautiful sisterhood. Thank you" Tanya



“It was such a joy to be in space with Katy at Hawthorn Cottage for a whole day! There's something very magical about being in her home and the land around her. Her drumming was incredibly moving and resonated deep within my soul. Sitting in circle around our altar, creating, sharing and weaving threads together was heavenly. I'll most definitely be back”. Stacy




I'm so glad that I had that first clarity call with Katy. I only wanted to hear her story of moving to the countryside, but boy did that cool cause a stir in my belly. Thank you from the deepest and wildest parts of me for being there to guide me home through your love and energy. I am truly honoured and grateful to have you in my life. Pelt up, Sister, there is work to be done and magic to be woven as you lead us all home." Niks


"There is something undeniably magical about the way Katy holds space for women. It’s a unique blend of wisdom, earthiness, warmth, compassion and deep belly laughs! The long weekend spent in Dorset on The Wilding Retreat with Katy was everything I needed, hoped for and more! From the incredible women who gathered together sharing stories, laughter, creativity and personal journeys to the wonderful women who joined Katy in guiding us through the days with soul enriching movement, divine massages and delicious food. I felt nourished, replenished and grateful I had given myself the time I needed to come back to me. Thank you, Katy" Stacy


“I was feeling a bit broken, exhausted from years of fighting & unresolved traumas. I can honestly say that I am a different person now. Katy instinctively knew what I needed in the moment & the deep, intense healing work that took place was something I didn't think possible.” Nykki


"Katy's magick is subtle, almost invisible at times, yet deeply potent. She brought warmth, love and creativity in the air. She breathed kindness and compassion into our hearts. She reached places I have never been able to reach before. Spending time in her presence made my heart swell with love. I felt open hearted, accepted, worthy and loveable. Katy shone a mirror into your heart and all the pieces that were fragmented and hurting were beautifully pieced back together, woven with twigs, moss, leaves, berries, magic, love and joy." Katie


"Katy has an incredible gift & she is generous with it, which in turn inspires us all to truly feel a sense of belonging and connection with her. I am so grateful to Katy for providing this opportunity to grow and to do so on an even more profound personal level in her 121 mentoring calls." Shelley



"Katy is a wise, wonderful soul and inspirational teacher who so obviously loves what she does. She held such a peaceful space for our little group to listen, learn and get creative and I enjoyed every single minute." Joanna



"I have come home to myself. I never really understood what sitting in circle with sisters meant. Katy's ability to hold space for women to be themselves, to be heard, to be seen, to be accepted, to be loved, to be honoured for who they are without question and without judgement is testament to the gifted and magical being that Katy is". Nola



"What Katy creates is a potent, healing space for women to feel held, completely and wholly. She embodies true authentic love so deeply rooted in the Earth. It’s like she is calling in the magic from the underground network of tree roots, mycelium, earth matter, fruits and leaves and pouring this magic out of her auric field. She merges with the hedgerows and fill us up so deeply that we see our own worth. She fuel us for growth. She is a beautiful wise woman and I’m so grateful to have met her." Katie





“Katy has a rare gift of being able to care deeply and compassionately whilst being able to commune with all the gifts that the elements have to bring us. Katy herself has done some incredible things with her life and has so much to teach us all about tapping into our unique and fiery spirit. Loving, gifted, articulate and kind, Katy has unlocked so much within her and is helping others do the same. If you are looking for a journey of discovery and reclaiming your wild woman then Katy is your woman.” Caroline



"Katy has a gift for creating space for women and sharing deep knowledge our fore-mothers used everyday. Knowledge that has been swept away by the busy ness of today’s world. Katy immersed us in this great and beautiful wisdom that she has gathered and gives it generously in a wonderful cocktail of teacher and friend, leaving you feeling held and loved, bringing us back to ourselves, to our ancient customs and connection with nature through the seasons. Katy’s warmth, strength and excitement is infectious and you will be forever glad you joined her." Juliet




"Katy’s is wonderful at holding space for others. A space full of love which inspires love. Katy has helped me tune into who I am, what I enjoy and want more of in my life. She has shown me a well of knowing within me. She has awoken forgotten loves and inspired me to add these and the cycle of the seasons and small rituals into my everyday life. With Katy’s help I am now listening. I feel heard and seen, accepted and loved. My days seem brighter, speckled with joy and a new eagerness for the future." Jules


"I am so glad that I had that first 'clarity' call. I only wanted to hear about Katy's story of moving to the countryside, but boy did that call cause a stir in my belly! Thank you from the deepest, wildest part of me for being there to guide me home through your love and energy. I am truly honored and grateful have you in my life. So pelt up, Sister. There is work to be done, magick to be woven and you are leading us all home." NJ.





"I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

Sophie B