Practise your rituals responsibly

Remember to cleanse, charge and program your crystal regularly. Here's how...

Cleanse... all crystals attract different energies, so it's important to 'cleanse' your crystals. We cleanse all our crystals in a smoke bath - using a smudge stick - weave the smoke around the crystal for about twenty seconds.

Charge... the moon is a wonderful feminine energy and helps with spiritual and emotional healing. Simply place directly under the moonlight - you can do this the night before a full moon, the night of the full moon and the night after to get the most potent frequencies.

Program... hold your crystal in both hands and picture it bathed in a beautiful light. Say your intention aloud: “I ask this crystal to bring calm & clarity to my life, and the brightest of blessings to all around me.” Repeat until you feel this energy has connected with your crystal. Keep it close to serve as a reminder of the wonderful energy you are bringing in.


Never leave a smudge stick burning after use. Smoke from herbs can lead to allergic reactions, or in some cases, can trigger asthma. Do not use if you are pregnant. Always smudge in a well-ventilated area to be safe and to allow negative energy an escape route. Place the smudge stick in sand or soil when you’ve finished your ritual.