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The Hawthorn Day Retreat


The Hawthorn Day Retreat is a deeply nourishing and heart-warming space for women to come together, to sit in circle, to share, to support and simply be. A retreat that’s intimate, a little bit witchy and big on connection to the earth.

With my unique blend of wild know-how and practical how-to, I will help release blocked energy, help let go of fear, move your heart into softness, openess and receiving-ness so that you will feel aligned and ready to move forwards.

The Hawthorn Day Retreat is my most intimate offering to you. I will guide and support you in my home. You can witness first hand how I live seasonally and perhaps be inspired by my calming and colourful cottage, so that you too can learn how to feel more connected in this world.

I offer you my knowledge, my experience, my magic and my home. I offer you a space to be heard. A space to be held. A space to heal. A space for you to come home to yourself.

My offering
~ A deeply nourishing and heart-warming day retreat
~ Space for women to connect in sisterhood, ceremony & magick
~ Intimate access to me, my home and my hearth
~ Inspiration on how to create a magickal home
~ Deeply healing guided meditation
~ Hearth-crafting session
~ Delicious seasonal

Your investment
Group Retreat price is £250 per person (up to three women)
You can book and pay in full now on this page.
If you wish to pay via payment plan at £125 per month, over two months simply email Katy. All payments to be made in full prior to the retreat.

Private Retreat price is £333 (just one woman)
To book, simply email Katy. If you wish to pay via payment plan, cost will be £199.50 per month, over two months. All payments to be made in full prior to the retreat.

Our dates
Please get in touch for availability each month.

Bespoke bookings
If you and a group of friends would like an intimate day retreat for just you, then please do contact me.

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about this beautiful day retreat, click here.

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