The Wilding Escape Autumn 2024

Connecting with the Celtic Goddesses of the dark months

Weaving together the realms & rituals of Winter Magick

Surrendering deeply into soft feminine energies

Moving with the rhythms of the earth

Reclaiming your magick & power


The Wilding Escape is my luxury retreat experience where we head to the wilds of the north coast of Cornwall.

The Wilding Escape features all the hallmarks of my award winning retreats… from sacred ceremonies to woodland walks, from cosy fire side chats to shamanic drum journeys. A truly unique experience for any woman looking for something a little different. Something a little non-ordinary.

I have created a sacred space to allow you to deeply connect to yourself, to your sisters and to the land. A haven. A healing space. A space for you to come home.
Sisterhood, ritual and magick lie at the heart of all my experiences.

Please don’t worry if you don’t feel ‘witchy’. I am simply calling in a group of funny, kind, heart-centred women. Women who want to create a little time for themselves. Women who want to create a little magick for themselves.


"There is something undeniably magical about the way Katy holds space for women. It’s a unique blend of wisdom, earthiness, warmth, compassion and deep belly laughs! The long weekend spent in Dorset on The Wilding Retreat with Katy was everything I needed, hoped for and more! From the incredible women who gathered together sharing stories, laughter, creativity and personal journeys to the wonderful women who joined Katy in guiding us through the days with soul enriching movement, divine massages and delicious food. I felt nourished, replenished and grateful I had given myself the time I needed to come back to me. Thank you Katy"! Stacy

"I have come home to myself. I never really understood what sitting in circle with sisters meant. Katy's ability to hold space for women to be themselves, to be heard, to be seen, to be accepted, to be loved, to be honoured for who they are without question and without judgement is testament to the gifted and magical being that Katy is".


Honestly, you will walk into this experience one woman, and walk out the other side as another. And you will have a group of wild and wonderful women at your side.


What will we do?

plate of hummus

Altar space


Bedside table

The Wilding Escape is the perfect balance of movement, massage, sisterhood, ceremony and space.

As part of The Wilding Escape, you will receive a deeply healing massage, movement & breath-work sessions and three delicious & nutritious meals each day.

You will have full, intimate access to me as I weave my magick, wisdom and experience through every touch-point of the retreat. With my unique blend of wild know-how and practical how-to, I will help release blocked energy, help let go of fear, move your heart into softness, open-ness and receiving-ness so that you will feel aligned and ready to move forwards.

You get to walk the ancient land… oh the land. The energy in North Cornwall is wild and dramatic. Soft, beautiful and really quite moving. The hidden dips and valleys, the moss covered stone, the cascading waterfalls, the legendary castle of Tintagel and Merlin’s Cave all add to the magickal atmosphere and energy of this old, sacred land.

We have an exclusive visit to the breath-taking waterfall at St Nectan's Glen. We will take the wild woodland walk along the banks of the River Trevillet – a silent pilgrimage amongst the ivy clad trees, moss covered stones and ancient slate steps hidden by ferns. Once we reach the top of the valley, we will gather where the water flows through a circular hole carved into the stone and drops into the clear pool below. 

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic… is just a few miles away. Need I say anymore!

And is plenty of time for you to explore the enchanting woodland walks or to head to the coast for a little cold water swim. Or you may decide to stay cosy by one of the many fires. The weekend is all yours.

waterfall green moss and magical


The Wilding Escape was just beautiful and unique, the women (who would quickly become my cherished sisters and friends) were welcoming and fun and there were touches of magic and beauty created in every corner.

Katy stood powerfully as the wise and wonderful creatrix of our environment and our unfolding experience. The food, movement and massage sessions were all luxurious and healing and equally filled with the love and talent of the beautiful practitioners who shared them. This haven became my home, my healing space and my sacred circle for 5 incredible days I will never forget.

The memories of this deeply magical reconnection with myself and nature (meets witchy slumber party!) would be enough… but I had such a shift and transformation that my life has changed inside and out, and I am filled with gratitude.

And it was so effortless, because the retreat doesn’t impose a formula or goal… it is allowed to become what you make it and what’s needed. To go at your own pace and to let things take shape based on the special qualities and personalities of who is there and how we are each growing, exploring and healing in every moment. Thank you Katy. I love you and I can’t wait to return and experience more magic with you and the sisterhood you called in and created with joy, compassion and humor.” Shannon

Here is a sample schedule for The Wilding Escape Autumn 2024. Please note that this may change as I finalise plans for the retreat closer to the time.


~ Arrive 4pm
~ Unpack & settle in & the welcome
~ 5pm - 6pm The Wilding Circle
~ 7pm Supper

~ 8am Light breakfast
~ 9am - 10.30am Morning Movement Medicine
~ 1pm Lunch
~ Massages
~ 5pm - 6pm The Wilding Circle
~ 7pm Supper

~8am Light breakfast
~ 9am - 10.30am Morning Movement Medicine
~1pm Lunch
~ Massages
~ 5pm - 6pm The Wilding Circle
~7pm Supper

~ 7am St Nectan's Glen
~ 10am Harbour Swim
~ 12pm Lunch
~ 5pm - 6pm The Wilding Circle

~ 7pm Celebratory Supper

~ 8.30am Breakfast
~ 10am Homeward bound

Where are we staying?

firepit outside with benches and stone surround

sunrise over house

Our home will be a stunning and lovingly restored 18th century barn, tucked away in the wild countryside on the north Cornish coast.

The space is simply beautiful…  the interiors have been beautifully restored and brought to life, creating blissfully tranquil spaces in gorgeous-hued loveliness. With under-floor heating downstairs and two wood burners, this is a stunning escape for us to rest, restore and replenish.

The house is built in gorgeous Cornish stone, and I always find these beautiful greys and blues hold quite a masculine vibration to them. I love the idea that we will be held within these walls, that we will be held safely in this space, that the very walls will allow us to feel what needs to be felt, will hold us to see what needs to be seen. That the walls will hold us, for us to simply be the feminine that flows through the space.

Perfectly, there are two outside places for a little fire magick. The gorgeous open fireplace on the terrace just outside the kitchen is an ideal setting for journaling under a pile of blankets and The Scrape at the bottom of the garden is surrounded by a stone circle.
Having joined Katy at The Wilding Retreat in Spring I was eager to go again and I was delighted to join her along with five other women on the autumn retreat. I knew in my heart that although there would be new women to meet, they would be there for similar reasons and they would all be lovely as Katy has a wonderful knack of bringing in the right people at the right time. I was so right!

The ambience had been meticulously planned with candles, crystals and autumn flowers. The quality of everything was top-notch. Katy's team is incredible, all experts in their fields, and all there to nourish and nurture us. It was all truly amazing.

I cannot put into words how special Katy. She is a wonderful woman with the biggest heart filled with warmth and love for her fellow sisters. It is even harder to put into words how beneficial to my soul this experience has been. It is pure magic and I would highly recommend any of Katy's offerings".

Vicky joined me for The Wilding Escape in Spring and Autumn!

Where will we sleep?

There are seven beautiful bedrooms, each named after the paint or fabrics the designer has used within them. All of the beds are covered with super-soft bedding, sumptuous throws and cushions to ensure a blissful nights’ sleep.


Anthos £1,999 (Available)

This room is on the top floor at the cottage end with a super king bed with padded headboards in Sanderson Anthos fabric. This room has lovely views over the garden. Solo occupancy. Shared bathroom with Agate.


Agate £1,666 (Both available)

This is a sweet twin bedroom with beautiful handmade beds and padded headboard. The lamps are made with beautiful Agate crystals. Shared occupancy. Shared bathroom with Anthos.


Orton £2,333 (Available)

This room is on the lower ground floor at the cottage end. Handmade super king bed with padded headboard Romo Orton. Gorgeous French windows that lead out on to the garden and its own private terrace. Ensuite shower room and access to an outdoor shower. Solo occupancy.

 Oasis £2,333 (Available)


‘Oasis’ lies on the ground floor at the Bothy end of the house and has a king sized bed with padded headboard in Lewis and Wood Boukhara fabric. With views on to the courtyard gardens plus a walk-in double shower with double basins.

Brassica £1,999 (Available)

This room on the top floor at the Bothy end of the house and has a king sized, handmade bed with padded headboard in Andrew Martin linen. With delightful views over the courtyard garden. It shares a bathroom with 'Calluna'. Solo occupancy.


Calluna £1,666 (Both booked)

This room is on the top floor and is a super loveley twin room. The twin beds are handmade with padded headboards in Lewis and Wood Etienne. Shared bathroom (with Brassica). Double occupancy.


When is The Wilding Escape Autumn 2024?

Friday 11th October 2024 (4pm) - Tuesday 15th October 2024 (10am)


About Katy

I am a wild woman. A wise woman. A healer. A magical mentor. I am The Wilding Witch.
I am a talented mentor with 24 years leadership experience in creative businesses. I have managed large agencies, clients and projects at a senior level. I am heart-led entrepreneur with my own product and services business. I am a solo Mother, with love and thanks to an anonymous donor.

I have helped hundreds of women rediscover themselves, reconnect with the cycles of the seasons and unearth a beautiful way of living with their wild & wonderful hearts.

I am deeply connected to the land. I deeply believe and feel the ancient law of life, the living flow of energy and I find such sanctuary in the fields, the streams, the hills and the trees. I understand the flow of energy and how we can attune to it and work joyfully with it.

I am here to unlock your wild and wonderful heart. I am here to open your heart, to move you into a space of receiving and to awaken joy, love, hope & happiness deep in your soul.

The Wilding Retreat is my signature retreat. This is the coming together of my knowledge, my experience, my wisdom and my craft - and I am very excited to open such a beautiful space for you.



I returned to The Wilding Retreat for a second year in a row and was thrilled that it was everything I remembered and more. Katy has a signature embrace that is hard to describe, the sort of hug that makes everything else melt away.

The retreat itself is utterly exquisite, from the food, to the massage and all the welcome gifts. Every detail is high quality, classy and enjoyable.

On both retreats I have accessed a level of rest and replenishment that is so hard to carve out of normal life, making space for much magic and inspiration to flow through.

Thank you Katy, you have a gift for gathering. Gathering women, gathering twigs, and gathering love. Every moment in your company is a treat.
Melanie has joined me at The Wilding Escape in 2021 & 2022.



How much does it cost & what is available?

The Wilding Retreat is a most intimate gathering of women. Rooms available are...

The Wilding Escape Autumn 2024

Anthos £1,999 (solo occupancy)

Agate £1,666 (shared accommodation) 

Orton £2,333 (solo occupancy & ensuite)

Oasis £2,333 (solo occupancy & ensuite)

Brassica £1,999 (solo occupancy & shared bathroom)

Calluna £1,666 (shared accommodation) BOTH BOOKED

This price includes…
  • Stylish & relaxed accommodation in a beautiful Cornish house
  • Sleep soundly in sumptuous handmade beds
  • Three nutritious & delicious vegan meals a day
  • Movement medicine sessions
  • A deep healing massage
  • Intimate four day access to Katy
  • Exclusive access to St Nectan's Glen
What other bonuses are included:
  • Dedicated journalling time & prompts with Cacao 
  • Free time to explore the wilds of Cornwall
  • Beautiful gift package on arrival
  • Witchy tips & ritual practices
  • Time to rest & reflect
  • Cosy fireside chats


How do I book my place?

There are two ways for you to book your place at The Wilding Escape.

1. Book today and pay in full or

2. You can pay a non-refundable deposit of £400 today and spread your payment monthly until two weeks prior to the retreat. All payments must be made prior to the retreat.

Simply email Katy to book your place.

VIP Retreat Experience: Why not integrate your experience fully with 121 access to me? The VIP offer includes two private mentoring sessions with me for an additional £400.


If you would like to find out if this transformational experience is for you, please book a free 15 minute call with me. Simply email me to book a call.



    Dearest Sister

    Curating and creating sacred spaces for women and holding them in my earthy magick is absolutely my purpose in this life-time.

    My medicine is to create warm, beautiful and transformational spaces for women.

    My medicine is to create a safe space to replenish you, to rest you and to restore you.

    My medicine will activate you at a soul level and initiate a transformation, an awakening within your blood and bones.

    My medicine gathers the right women at the right time to come together in sacred circle to share, support and simply be. A sisterhood that will continue beyond the retreat experience.

    Sister, are you ready to join me?

    Quick sticks... places are extremely limited, you will not want to miss the opportunity to join this life changing experience.

    I am really happy to have a call to see if this retreat is right for you... simply email me and we can get together on Zoom this week.

    Love & twigs
    Katy  x



    "I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

    Sophie B