The Celtic Tree Circle

Come sit with the powerful presence of the trees

I believe in the wisdom of the trees and the healing power they hold. I am interested in the symbolism and messages available to us from the trees and how they can inspire connection, creativity and ceremony in our modern lives.

I love what we can learn from the trees.

What we can gather.

What we can grow.

And what we can begin to give back.


What is The Celtic Tree Circle?

The Celtic Tree Circle has been created to root us deeper into the energy patterns of thirteen native trees. I am wholly inspired by the idea that if we can understand the symbolism of each tree, the rich ancient belief myths and stories of the Celts we can explore and understand our own inner worlds a little more.

The Celtic tree calendar was used used by the Celts hundreds of years ago and consists of thirteen lunar divisions named after trees. This calendar is based on the idea that the ancient alphabet of the Celts, the ogham alphabet, represented a tree. Imagine the Zodiac, but instead of star signs like Taurus and Libra, we have native trees such as Hawthorn and Oaks.

This idea has been adapted and used in varying ways, but I wanted to create an offerng where we just get to sit and be with the trees. A space where we can re-connect with the trees and re-discover any losts parts of ourselves. A space where together we can learn adaptability, resilience, self healing, patience and strength. 

I love this, let's be like the tree!

Who is this for?

  • Do you feel deep down that something is missing and that there’s more to your life?

  • Do you feel more connected when you are in nature and want to tune in with the seasons more?

  • Do you want to learn more about your cycle, the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of mother nature and how these fit together?

  • Are you feeling called to the trees and not sure how to begin your journey with them?

  • Are you longing to connect with the trees more deeply and authentically?

  • Would you like to learn more about the trees that surround you and your home?

  • Are you interested in understanding more about the energy each tree has?

  • Are you inspired by the myths and legends of Celtic folklore?

  • Are you craving deeper connection with nature?

  • Are you looking to be part of a group of women who love things that are a little bit witchy?

  • Are you wanting to sit, to be heard, to be held without judgement?

Thirteen Trees. Thirteen Moons. Thirteen Women.

I feel there is a way of understanding, experiencing and interacting with life intimately when we are truly connected to the earth. I love to work with the old ways and see working with the trees as a way to connect with the earth and with myself.

This is an opportunity for you to work with me for just over a year. We will gather online each month as we journey through the energy, myths and folklore of thirteen native trees.

My intention for The Celtic Tree Circle is to connect you to the trees, woods and forests around you and to inspire you to create a deeper relationship with them. To observe the underlying energy of the trees, learn their associated traits and symbolism and reflect on what messages they may have for you.

Yes please to the trees!

About Katy

I am a wild woman. A wise woman. A healer. A magical mentor. I am The Wilding Witch.

I am a talented mentor with 24 years leadership experience in creative businesses. I have managed large agencies, clients and projects at a senior level. I am heart-led entrepreneur with my own product and services business. I am a solo Mother, with love and thanks to an anonymous donor.

I have helped hundreds of women rediscover themselves, reconnect with the cycles of the seasons and unearth a beautiful way of living with their wild & wonderful hearts.

I am deeply connected to the land. I deeply believe and feel the ancient law of life, the living flow of energy and I find such sanctuary in the fields, the streams, the hills and the trees. I understand the flow of energy and how we can attune to it and work joyfully with it.

I feel deeply honoured that The Celtic Tree Circle has come through me and I cannot wait to walk this year long journey by your side.

“What Katy creates is a potent, healing space for women to feel held, completely and wholly. She embodies true authentic love so deeply rooted in the Earth. It’s like she is calling in the magic from the underground network of tree roots, mycelium, earth matter, fruits and leaves and pouring this magic out of her auric field. She merges with the hedgerows and fill us up so deeply that we see our own worth. She fuel us for growth. She is a beautiful wise woman and I’m so grateful to have been part of her circle."


What's included over the year

The sessions will include teachings on the underlying energy and healing properties of the trees, Celtic folklore, powerful guided meditations and inspiration for what you can use the wood, flowers or leaves for. This programme will be as practical as it is magickal!

There are thirteen workshops in total and will be held on Thursdays (1pm - 2pm) on Zoom. All recordings will be available, so don't worry if you miss a session!

My intention is to connect you to the ancient woods and trees that surround you and your home. I feel that by connecting with the powerful presence of trees we can connect to the wisdom and wildness within. And the wisdom and wildness without. And let's have a little fun along the way!


Join The Celtic Tree Circle

Pricing for The Celtic Tree Circle

The Celtic Tree Circle is £666.

There are two ways to join…

  1. You can pay in full now
  2. Or twelve monthly installments of £55

Simply book your place here or email Katy to set up your payment plan.

Start my journey of The Celtic Tree Circle





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Sophie B