A happy, high-vibe home

Making your home a sanctuary for the soul will have a profound effect on your wellbeing and all who dwell there. We believe that your home should be a place to relax and rejuvenate from the stresses of the modern busy world we live in - not somewhere that creates more stress.

Our nervous systems are affected by our surroundings and our body will respond to any environmental changes and these will affect mind, body and soul.

Creating a beautiful home that supports your wellbeing is a wonderful way to bring everything into balance. Simple solutions can really make a big difference. Try clearing your space from too much clutter - piles of things to do can create low-level stress. Why not introduce essential oils into your home with a few drops of essential oils into some warm water - the relaxing aroma will create a very soothing home vibe. You can also bring in a little nature from outside to enhance the serenity of the environment - seasonal flowers or blooms are wonderful ways to feel like you are creating your space.

Our At Home section has been created to share our knowledge of how you can make a happy, high vibe home. From creating your own sacred space to tips on how to visualise the life you want to live by making a moodboard. We were lucky enough to catch up with Jane Rockett from Rocket St George to find out her creative process to make a magical space at home.

Homey high-fives.


"I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

Sophie B