Sacred space – how to create yours

A sacred space is quite simply having a place in your home where you can go to connect with yourself & the Earth. It doesn’t have to be snazzy, it’s just about dedicating a specific area to the rejuvenation of your spirit.

Over time, when you go to the same place to sit quietly & be, a wonderful energy builds... your mind knows this as a space of rest & respite. And whatever talismans or sacred objects you place in this space will hold that energy for you too.

You may like to use a windowsill, a small table or even a tray. Place items that you find beautiful or love on your table such as things you collected on a walk in nature, inspirational quotes, crystals, or twigs. These items should speak to your soul in a way that is both nurturing and inspiring, and that connects you to your self.


Top 5 fave sacred objects

1. A talisman – something that connects you & this ritual
2. Seasonal blooms or twigs for a little fertile energy
3. Crystals or stones from the beach to bring in the earth element
4. Beautiful tray or box to hold everything together
5. Calming candle – our Wellbeing Crystal Candle would be perfect ; )
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