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The Celtic Tree Circle


The Celtic Tree Circle is a journey, a pathway guiding you towards personal growth, gaining insight and wisdom, healing and balance and a way to create a positive outlook on your life and the world around you.

I believe in the wisdom of the trees and the healing power they hold. I am interested in the symbolism and messages available to us from the trees and how they can inspire connection, creativity and ceremony in our modern lives.

I love what we can learn from the trees. What we can gather. What we can grow. And now more than ever, what we can begin to give back.

The sessions will include teachings on the underlying energy and healing properties of the trees, Celtic folklore, powerful guided meditations and inspiration for what you can use the wood, flowers or leaves for. This programme will be as practical as it is magickal!

My offering
~ A unique experience sitting with the powerful presence of the trees
~ Teachings on the energy, healing properties & Celtic folklore
~ Access to my knowledge, wisdom and craft
~ Thirteen hour live sessions, thirteen months
~ Group voxer for sharing & support
~ All sessions via zoom
~ Access to recordings

Your investment
The full programme price is £666
You can book and pay in full now on this page
If you wish to pay via payment plan at £55 per month, simply email Katy

Our Dates
~ Thursday 6th October 2022, 1pm-2pm
Thursday 10th November 2022, 1pm-2pm
Thursday 8th December 2022, 1pm-2pm
~ Thursday 5th January 2023, 1pm-2pm
Thursday 2nd February 2023, 1pm-2pm
~ Thursday 2nd March 2023, 1pm-2pm
~ Thursday 6th April 2023, 1pm-2pm
~ Thursday 4th May 2023, 1pm-2pm
~ Thursday 1st June 2023, 1pm-2pm
~ Thursday 6th July 2023, 1pm-2pm
~ Thursday 3rd August 2023, 1pm-2pm
~ Thursday 3rd September 2023, 1pm-2pm
~ Thursday 5th October 2023, 1pm-2pm

Find out more

To find out more about this immersive year of connection, creativity & ceremony, simply click here.

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