The Seasonal Sessions

Intimate, intuitive & inspirational guidance

Investing your time and energy to create change in your life is the kindest, most powerful thing you can do for yourself.

The Seasonal Sessions will help to unlock your personal power at a soil and soul level. If you are looking to effect change, to step out of the burn-out, to recover and transform, this is the space for you.

My purpose is to help women to rediscover themselves, to reconnect with the cycles of the seasons and to discover a beautiful way of living with their wild & wonderful hearts. And, have a little fun on the way.

If you feel your journey with me needs to be a completely personal and bespoke experience, then The Seasonal Sessions is for you. I love working intimately with woman and I am opening up just four spaces for women to work directly with me each season.

“Katy instinctively knew what I needed in the moment. I was feeling a bit broken, exhausted from years of fighting, unresolved traumas, recovery from breast cancer & a betrayal in my relationship. 

I can honestly say that I am a different person now. The deep, intense healing work that happened is something I didn't think was possible. I am open to the Universe's messages now, I see them, I hear them and it's exciting Nykki

About Katy

I am a wild woman. A wise woman. A healer. A magical mentor. A witch.

I am a talented mentor with 24 years leadership experience in creative businesses. I have managed large agencies, teams and projects at a senior level. I am soul led entrepreneur with my own product and services business. I am a solo Mother, with love and thanks to an anonymous donor.

I am deeply connected to the land. I deeply believe and feel the ancient law of life, the living flow of energy and I find such sanctuary in the fields, the streams, the hills and the trees. I understand the flow of energy and how we can attune to it and work joyfully with it.

I am great at hugs, I am funny and my big dream is to sleep in a hedge. With a duvet and pillows.

The Seasonal Sessions feels like a coming together of my experience, my wisdom and my ancient knowledge and I am very excited to open such a beautiful space for you.

“What Katy creates is a potent, healing space for women to feel held, completely and wholly. She embodies true authentic love so deeply rooted in the Earth. It’s like she is calling in the magic from the underground network of tree roots, mycelium, earth matter, fruits and leaves and pouring this magic out of her auric field. She merges with the hedgerows and fill us up so deeply that we see our own worth. She fuel us for growth. She is a beautiful wise woman and I’m so grateful to have been part of her circle."

What's included in The Seasonal Sessions

The Seasonal Sessions is a three month programme of intimate, intuitive & inspirational mentorship. I will show you how to slow down, to listen to the natural rhythms and cycles of the year, to learn to trust the wild woman in your soul and empower you through your own transformation.

~ A detailed kick off 121 session (60 minutes)

~ x3 121 magical mentoring sessions (60 or 30 minute sessions)

~ x1 Elemental Tarot Reading with my in-house mystic witch (60 minutes)

~ Voxer voice and message support (Monday to Thursday 11am - 3pm)

The Spring sessions can be taken at your own pace and scheduled anytime between Sunday 20th March 2022 and Tuesday 21st June 2022.

Places will be made available for the Summer Season towards the end of Spring.

Investment for The Seasonal Sessions

The Seasonal Sessions are £1,111.

There are two ways to join…

  1. You can pay in full now
  2. Or three monthly instalments of £400

Simply book your place here or email Katy to set up your payment plan

If you would like any guidance or would like to learn more about this transformational experience, please feel free to book a free half hour session Clarity Call with me.

The magick awaits.  


Start my journey with The Seasonal Sessions



"I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

Sophie B