The magic of summer

The magic of Summer

Ruling element: Fire

After the busyness of Spring, Summer sails in with an air of ease and warmth. This is a wonderful time of year…a time to accept who we are and to enjoy what’s important; family, friends and the great outdoors.

Nature has reached her glorious peak and all is ripe and fecund. The Summer Solstice calls us to honour the sun with feasts and festivities - wonderful outdoor suppers and ritualistic bonfires to sing and dance around with wild abandon.

We should also take a little time to celebrate the spiritual fire within us. Summer magic is fire magic and the seasonal balefires give us a little boost of energy to bring courage and strength for what lies ahead. 

Summer brings sunshine, nudity and a love of our bodies for what they are, not what they should be. Time may show up in a lack of firmness or the odd scar but these are all signs of a life well lived. Take heart in that what we lack in tone, we’ve gained in experience. Be bold and unabashed and revel in what we are 
calling the summer of self-love.

Peace out.


"I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

Sophie B