Winter water ritual

Water ritual

Winter water ritual: A time to rest
Ruling element: water
Sentiment: healing & loving

As the long nights begin to shorten and Spring peeps her head up though the earth, take time to rest minds and bodies to ready for the
true beginning of the year.

Make a cosy nest in a warm bathroom with candles and blankets. Add a
few drops of essential oil or bubbles to your bath as it draws and get
naked, wrapping yourself in heated towels. Relax in your burrow — safe
and warm — and allow your mind and heart to settle. When the bath is
 ready, slip in, lieback and let the cooling and calming energy
of the water envelop you in love.

And rest. 


"I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

Sophie B