Autumn air ritual

A time to imagine & create

Ruling element: air
Sentiment: movement & thought

To create a new vision for your future, you need to create energy around you. This will determine how you would like to live and to enable you to cast your own magic out into the universe.

Giving an idea attention and imagination creates a little force of natural energy: by breathing life into an idea, you gather momentum towards change. Be open, be daring - but above all - be honest with yourself.

Ask yourself…What do I need? How would I like to live my life? What would I be doing? How would I like to feel? What new opportunities could this bring? Think of all areas of your world – work, home, relationships and self.

Begin to gather miscellany that inspires you - things that you are drawn to. Cutouts from magazines, cards or postcards, words or sentences from books that somehow move you. Think about pattern, colours and textures - they all have a place here. Take your time with the gatherings; give yourself time to think about the changes you would like to make.

Start creating a mood board with everything you have collected by sticking them onto a pin board or large piece of paper. This doesn’t have to be beautiful or a perfect piece of art; the thought and promise to your self is the important part of this ritual - not what it looks like.

Your rumination will spark the calling up of energy and magic needed to create new happenings.

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