The Sisterhood ~ Summer


I have created The Sisterhood for those seeking to be part of a community of likeminded women… women who are interested in all things witchy. And by witchy I mean women looking for beautiful & meaningful ways to connect with the cycles of the seasons, the moon & their own inner workings. Women who want to work with the natural elements of the universe to find balance, to freely express themselves, feel connected to self & with the world around them, and to feel physically & emotionally nourished. Women who want to work with the divine masculine & the divine feminine energies that sit within us.

This is for woman who want to show up, to expand, to lean, to learn, to believe, to share & to love.

I am a modern witch. A change maker & I am being called to help empower women rise in the modern age. My purpose is to help reawaken women to the ancient knowledge that already lives within them, to help them stir, shed, shift & step forward on their journey of becoming. My gift is to pull these threads & gently guide them on their way home.
"A heart-felt thank you, Katy. I was feeling a bit broken, exhausted from years of what felt like fighting, unresolved traumas, recovery from breast cancer and a betrayal in my relationship. ⁠

You instinctively knew what I needed in the moment & there is such a warmth and sense of genuine care for others about you that I felt instantly when we first spoke.⁠

The Heal Your Heart programme came at the right time. The time for me to connect back to the elements, to find the magic in the wild and wonderful woman that I am. That is the gift you have given me, connecting back to my true self.⁠

I can honestly say that I am a different person now. The deep, intense healing and work that happens on a programme like this is something I didn't think was possible. I am open to the Universe's messages now, I see them, I hear them and it's exciting"⁠

I am opening a space for ten wonderful women to join me as we journey through the Summer months. I will hold a beautiful space for us all to learn & laugh our way through this beautiful & most feminine part of the year.

🖤 Month one: It's all about energy⁠⠀
We will focus on lifting our vibration before we move through the Summer. We will clear stagnant old energy that no longer needs to travel with us, we will delve into the internal energy bodies & the divine feminine & masculine energies. My guest speaker this month will help release and call in this most powerful and radiant energy. 
🖤 Month two: Elemental Magick⁠⠀
I will teach you how to work with the elements to heal & transform your lifeWe will focus on the elements of Earth, Air, Fire & Water & how we can work with these elements to live joyfully & abundantly. Think meditation, rituals & teachings. My guest speaker this month will lead a beautiful group tarot session to help us enquire into the unconscious, the hidden - very much the realm of the fifth element.⁠⠀
🖤 Month three: A little Kitchen Witchery⁠⠀
We will focus on a little home & hearth magick by working through a day in the life of a witch to learn her inner workings - both in the home & in the heart. My guest this month is a total health witch & will be making brews & tinctures for a little home healing.⁠⠀

It would be a total honour to hold you energetically on this part of your journey.

Click here to book your space... I cannot wait to see who is called to be part of this super special group. Broomsticks optional!


"I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

Sophie B