The ground is shifting. All is stirring. The light is coming.


We are rising, my dear Sisters.


Many ancient fires burn within us. Ancient secrets, ancient knowledge, ancient magick, wisdom, stories, poetry and songs flow through our veins.

We are pure power. Pure mystery.


We are here to hold the land. To hold the mysteries. To tend to the soil beneath our feet. To tend to the matter within our hearts.


We are rising, my dear Sisters.


We are here to pour our healing waters on the land. To allow the tides to flow freely through our hearts, nourishing us with all we need. To allow our wonderful waters to flow through and from our cup, nurturing fin, furred and feathered.


We are rising, my dear Sisters.


We are here to become the fires that burn within us. To shape-shift. To transform. To create the life we are destined to live in this lifetime. And to light the way for others to do the same through the unique rhythms we hold within us… through our art, our song and our movement.


We are rising, my dear Sisters.


We are here to lead with love. To be the winds of change to shift and move others. To inspire new ways of living. To awaken the seeds and seasons with other to live, feel and believe differently.


We are rising, my dear Sisters.


We are The Keepers of the Land. The Keepers of the Keys.


And through us love will live on this earth. Love will be the light. Love will flow through our hearts and into the hearts of generations to come.


There is a calling deep within the Earth for us to gather. For us to be wild. To be free. For us to be the living embodiment for everything we know to be true.


Pelt up, Sisters, for it is time.


We head to The Circle of The Stones because we know this is our time.


This is our calling. This is our being. We feel in every part of our bodies.


Let us meet on the moors. Let us be our true naked selves, to be held without fear, without judgement, just us in our knowing, our beautiful old knowing, our beautiful old remembering.






The Circle of The Stones is my invitation to walk the ancient paths, but with the new journeys we are destined for in this lifetime.

Connecting with the cycles and seasons, the rivers in our waters and the rhythms in our bones, this experience will take you on a journey to explore all the edges of your being and weave together the fragments of your beautiful, true wild self.

The Circle of The Stones is my brand new six month mentorship programme. The experience is completely unique with full access to me, my team and features my first retreat on Dartmoor - The Wilding Witch Week.

My intention is to create a fully immersive experience with you and the earth. To open our ancestral channels and chart your journey through the realms of the earth, the sky and everything in between. A journey above. A journey below.

This experience is entirely dedicated to the wild, unfiltered and unfettered women within us. The women who have walked this land before us. The Sacred Warriors, The Mothers of the Earth, The Keepers of the Land, the witch’s, the wise women. For they are in every part of us. And we will be in every part of those who come from us.

The wild has been calling me for sometime. And this is my answer to her call.

I cannot wait to gather us all in. And be in our wild.

Love & twigs



We head to Dartmoor and its wild and isolated beauty, myriad streams, ancient oak forests covered in lichen and moss and old stone circles.

Wandering wild on the moors (well, actually with an experienced guide), we fully submerse ourselves in nature, walking in silence, journeying within. We pilgrimage to a large stone row and circle deep within the moors where we camp for two nights under the full moon.

From here, we journey to our cosy (and quite frankly luxurious) home for three days to experience our true selves… we drum, we dance, we release, we rest and we come into our beautiful bodies.

Our ancient ways workshop is to make our very own drum from horn and hides sourced locally from the moor.

And of course there will be plenty of cosy fireside chats, time to journal, time to rest, time to reflect, time to be with your Sisters and plenty of witchy rituals and earth blessings.



A detailed kick off 121 session with me via Zoom (60 minutes)
Six months 121 mentoring (1 hour per month)
Individual Voxer access for live mentorship (Monday to Thursday)


Two 121 seasonal Tarot readings with my mystic witch (60 minutes each)
Two readings with my powerful psychic & clairvoyant (60 minutes each)


6 monthly teachings or creative workshops wih me or one of my phenomenal guest speakers
Group Voxer access to share & support your sisters on the programme


Five night luxury retreat in Dartmoor
Two nights Wandering Wild camping experience
Three nights cosy & comfortable accommodation
Ancient Ways Drum Making Workshop
A deep healing massage
Delicious & nutritious vegetarian food


A beautiful hand crafted pelt made just for you. Your wild collar wraps around your shoulders - just what any wild woman needs as she journeys over the moors!


There are no incentives for this programme. There are no early bird offers. This is for the women who know it is time.

The Circle of The Stones is £4,444

There are two ways for you to join...
You can pay in full now and pay £4,444
Or pay deposit of £2,222 today and 6 monthly payments of £444


This is a most intimate gathering. A gathering of women who know their truth. A gathering of women who know their purpose. A gathering of women who what they are here to do. A gathering of women who know they were meant to meet at this moment.

Women who are lovely, open, easy-going and want to learn, lean into all their wild edges

Women who value themselves, their purpose and their place in this lifetime

Women who are looking to create magickal experiences for themselves and for their communities

Women who are authentic, beautiful and light - in their own glorious and unique way

Women who want to make a difference in the world with their soul filled work

Women looking to work closely with the cycles and seasons and the effects of them on themselves or their business

Women who want to bring the power of the natural world into their life or business strategies

Women looking to start their business or take their business to the next level

Women who want to create an impactful, beautiful heart-led brand and business

Women who want to come home and remember themselves... and in turn show up as their truest power in their life and work

Women who want to create a heart-centred life for themselves, their families and the world around them

Women who want to meet and connect with like-minded souls, to build and be part of a nature based community

Women who know that there must a change in how we live and work and want to be that change

“And into the dark forest I go, to lose my mind, and find my soul. And my Sisters"

To create The Circle of The Stones I have been completely guided by what I feel in my waters. What I feel in my bones. I have created an experience like no other. An experience that will activate you at a soul and soil level. An experience that will bed you into the earth’s matter and unlock the deep knowledge that sits within your womb.

This is ancient. This is old lore. Old world.

Bought to you through me in a wild, beautiful and modern way.

Are you ready to return to the wildness? To come back to wholeness? To come and sit in…


Places are extremely limited. Click here to book your space.
Or please feel free to have a chat with Katy to see if this feels right for you.