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The Hawthorn Day Retreat


The Hawthorn Day Retreat is a deeply nourishing and heart-warming space for women to come together, to sit in circle, to share, to support and simply be. A retreat that’s intimate, a little bit witchy and big on connection to the earth.

With my unique blend of wild know-how and practical how-to, I will help release blocked energy, help let go of fear, move your heart into softness, openess and receiving-ness so that you will feel aligned and ready to move forwards.

The Hawthorn Day Retreat is my most intimate offering to you. I will guide and support you in my home. You can witness first hand how I live seasonally and perhaps be inspired by my calming and colourful cottage, so that you too can learn how to feel more connected in this world.

I offer you my knowledge, my experience, my magic and my home. I offer you a space to be heard. A space to be held. A space to heal. A space for you to come home to yourself.

My offering
~ A deeply nourishing and heart-warming day retreat
~ Space for just four women to connect in ceremony
~ Intimate access to me, my home and my hearth
~ Inspiration on how to create a magickal home
~ An invigorating walk to The Witches Circle
~ A sacred ceremony on an ancient hill
~ Deeply healing guided meditation
~ Delicious seasonal

Your investment
The full retreat price is £555.
You can book and pay in full now on this page.
If you wish to pay via payment plan at £200 per month, over three months simply email Katy.

Our dates
~ Friday 8th July 2022, 10am - 3pm
~ Friday 9th September 2022, 10am - 3pm
~ Friday 4th November 2022, 10am - 3pm
~ Friday 2nd December 2022, 10am - 3pm

Please note...
I am opening up bespoke bookings, so if you & a friend fancy a litttle Summer magick, then please do contact me!

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about this beautiful day retreat, click here.

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