Winter fire ritual

Winter fire ritual: A time to let go

Ruling element: fire
Sentiment: courage & protection

This Winter fire ritual will help release old and worn patterns, bringing back feelings of levity and freedom. And the ceremonial burning of old letters and photographs creates a wonderful moment of fiery theatre.

A calm, thoughtful and considered burning is much more powerful and effective than an angry one. So take your time – don’t just burn something out of frustration. Begin by finding images, letters or other material related to the situation – just a list of things or the name of someone that has long outstayed their welcome.

You will need an outdoor fireplace (or a large flame-proof pot for a bit of witchyness) and some matches. And as you commit these things to fire, let go of all your negative energy and allow the past be consumed by fire.

Go, cast your past into the flames… 




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Sophie B