Winter happenings

The magic of Winter
Ruling element: Earth

As the blustery Autumn days draw to a close, the still doors of Winter quietly open, bringing a time of rest and reflection.

This is a season of extremes; we move from sociable nights to quiet days in a matter of moments, transitioning from the feastings and merriment of Christmas to the quietude of the new year. On these darkest of nights, we take our cues from nature and retreat inside to find our own inner light. The long nights and cosy fires allow us to reflect on the year past and the year present; to consolidate, consider and create. We draw on the cooling and calming energy of nature around us to gather thoughts and strength for what’s ahead.

Winter magic calls us to banish the things that no longer serve us, to rid ourselves of old habits and old addictions. We learn to recognise that death is just a part of the seasons, that there is no end, just transformation.

To go deep within, we can draw on the magic of Winter. This season, with the help of the creative energies of water, fire, earth and air, we will share four little rituals to help rest, reflect and encourage new happenings.

Allow the wonderful energy of Winter to consolidate, consider and create…and step into the new.

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Sophie B