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How to create a moodboard

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The Wild & Wonderful Workshop

Moodboard making: turn your thoughts & ideas into something you can see & believe in… and do!

Come & join us for a cosy & creative evening in the wonderful surroundings of Caro - the wonderful lifestyle shop - and create your own moodboard.

This two hour workshop includes all the materials & miscellany you will need to create your moodboard to take home with you. A wonderful goody bag. And a delicious drink & tasty treat.

Wednesday 23rd November, 6.30pm - 9.30pm, Caro, Bruton, Somerset.
Tickets are £55 and available from hello@carosomerset.com

Mabon Magic

Mabon magic
Ruling element: earth
Sentiment: nurturing & grounding

As the season changes, we draw into ourselves to reflect on what has been, what we have learned and how we have grown – our inner work is our harvest. We must accept and honour both the good and the bad, the dark and the light. And to look up to the night sky and start thinking about what lies ahead.

Autumns magic calls us to get our house in order; to focus on work, home and relationships. The energy of this season invites long term planning - the seeds of
ideas planted now will burst forward next spring transformed and
strengthened by their time within.

So this Autumn we will be honouring harvest, hearth and hearts. 

And socks.