Mindful & magical Christmas Luna Wreaths

Bring a little Christmas magic to you & your home with our stylish & sustainable Christmas decorations. Foraging for herbs, berries & larch twigs is a wonderful way to get out into nature – and weave a little self-care ritual into your wellbeing routine this Winter.

We’ve teamed up with the lovely Kate from Rambling Rose to bring you a step-by-step guide on how to make our beautiful Christmas Luna Wreaths.

You will need

A circular frame – metal, wood or from home-made branches
Thin floristry wire & thread
Colourful ribbon – ideally recycled from last Christmas
Foraged foliage – herbs, berries & twigs

STEP ONE: Forage for your foliage


Get out of doors and allow the healing properties of nature to help sore heads after fun festivities!As you gather your greenery, set your intentions for a cosy and calm Christmas. Look for herbs, berries, larch twigs, foliage, lichen and moss.

Please note: we do not want to disturb living things – so look for broken, dead twigs & moss from the ground and always leave some berries for the birds!

STEP TWO: Get creative


Lay your greenery over your frame to work out the shape of your luna wreath.

Weave a long piece of greenery around the frame from the base to the top and wire at the bottom, middle and top. Wire your berries at the bottom – simply do over the stems of the greenery.

Cover the stem ends and wires with a little ball of moss or lichen and bind with thread until firmly in place.

STEP THREE: A greener Christmas


Hold your luna wreath up & decide where to tie the ribbon at the top and how long you need it to be.


Have festive fun getting creative!

Thank you for your time, Kate, we LOVE our luna wreaths!

Kate has 25 years experience working with flowers and expertly blends fabulous foraged foliage and beautiful berries with locally sourced, sustainable flowers. She can create anything from a small bunch to a full wedding - find out more about Kate and her beautiful flowers at Rambling Rose.




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Sophie B