The Owl & the Apothecary



This year is all about YOU. It’s about building sustainable and long lasting success. The vibes are CALM, so you can FOCUS on what matters to you and BUILD a life you love. Move FORWARD in a soul aligned way and you can open doors to success happiness and financial flow. We are so in!

We have been focussing on ourselves and creating time for a little self-care. This is allowing the old energy to move through and out of us, so that we can create space for joy.

To help bring a little self-love to you & your heart, we’ve created this beautiful Self-Love Club Bundle just for you. This features The Wellbeing Amethyst Crystal, Wild Smudge Stick and a pair of Luna Candles, all for just £19.99 (RRP £38).

Please note that The Self Love Bundle comes with The Hero Wellbeing Ritual Guide, but no packaging. The Amethyst is our medium size cluster. And there is one blue Luna Candle (for healing & rest) and one white Luna Candle (for peace & blessings).



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