Mindful Me, Meggie's, September
Mindful Me, Meggie's, September
Mindful Me, Meggie's, September
Mindful Me, Meggie's, September


Mindful Me, Meggie's, September

    THURSDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER 7.30pm - 9.30pm

    Feeling stuck and not sure how to stand up and move forward? Are you in need of a little life inspiration? Everything feeling a bit meh? Well, we've got just the thing...

    A wild & wonderful force surrounds us, connecting us and everything around us to the natural and celestial world. You have the power to tap into this magnificent energy and transform your life. Come with us and learn simple rituals to cast out negative energy, find your truth, and set clear intentions to manifest high-vibes & happiness.

    Our cosy & creative workshops are a unique blend of wild know-how and practical how-to designed to help you align person, place and purpose. 

    In this workshop we will...
    - Start with a beautiful & relaxing guided meditation 
    - Learn how to use ancient rituals to help create space for all things good
    - Clear away negative energy with a super charged smudging session
    - Get creative with organic herbs & crystals to create your own smudge sticks 
    - Make your own luna candles for intention & meditation setting

    - Have a jolly evening in the company of other wild & wonderful women