Moodboard Me – Coming soon

  • Turn your thoughts and ideas into something you can see and believe in… and actually do! In this three-hour workshop you will learn life changing tools & techniques to help you think creatively about your future - and start to make that happen for you.
    "The workshop was a pivotal moment for me, spending a few hours being creative had such an impact on the rest of the year” Laura, Founder DiscovHer

    Join Katy Theakston, founder of The Owl & The Apothecary, to discover how creating moodboards helped her achieve her goals - a wellbeing business and a beautiful baby boy. In this workshop, you will...

    - Learn the art of ritual to create space for all things good
    - Learn about the positive powers of create visualisation
    - Prioritise & focus on key areas of your life
    - Create your own moodboard to take home with you
    - Enjoy tasty treats, delicious drinks & the company of other amazing women