Awakening The Wild Woman

Transform your life with the magic of the seasons 

If I look at back over the last seven years of my life, I am in awe of my journey - one of movement, magic and might.

I was in a corporate job, in a repeat cycle of either being single or in going nowhere relationships and felt burnt out. I was depleted, exhausted and a little lost. What I really wanted was to live in the countryside, have a family and work doing something that felt valuable and I felt genuinely passionate about. But instead, I numbed my dreams out with a busy London life.

A proper heartbreak was the catalyst I needed. It was here that the magic actually started to creep in. I started researching natural ways that I could help myself and I started to reconnect to my inner witch. I remembered the fierce, fiery yet feminine force within me.

A move to the wilds of Dorset followed. As did solo IVF (with love & thanks to an anonymous donor). As did my beautiful son. And the magic just kept growing – the more I leant into myself, the more I healed, the more I connected with nature, the more I started to fully come alive and the more I leaned into my feminine power, the clearer my purpose became.

I have created The Owl & The Apothecary as a home to empower transformation, combining my witchy intuition with a no-nonsense, practical approach. I offer you my experience, integrity, insight, mentorship and warmth to help navigate you through your own personal awakening. I have found my purpose – to help you find what lights you up.

Awakening The Wild Woman will do just that. Light you up.

Who is this for?

  • Do you want to learn about the ancient mysteries in a way that is fresh, modern and fun?

  •  Does magick keep coming for you? Can you hear her whisper? Or is it becoming a bit more of a roar?

  • Does SHE keep tapping you on the shoulder?

  • Do you feel that now is the time to honour her signs and say a big yes to embracing your wild woman?

  • Do you believe in magic and want to delve deeper into her power – and step into yours?

  • Do you find yourself resisting your cyclical nature?

  • Do you deep down know something is missing and that there’s more to your life?

  • Are you someone who absolutely loves magic and is secretly playing with your crystals and chatting to the moon?

  • Are you open, curious, wild, a little bit witchy and equally quite normal and nice?

  • Do you want to find a tribe of like-minded women who want to learn, share, support and properly belly laugh their way through life?

  • Are you ready to stand in your power? To start your awakening?

Yes, this is absolutely me!

Why this programme?

As many of you know we have moved into the Age of Aquarius, a time of unity, oneness and coming together. Out of the patriarchal conditioning is rising an incredible and long forgotten power… the power of the feminine, the power of The Wild Woman.

The Wild Woman is that part of you who knows she is innately powerful. The Wild Woman trusts in her elemental ability to create the life that she truly wants to live. The Wild Woman has the ability to understand her cyclical nature, working with the moon, working with the seasons and working with her menstrual cycle. The Wild Women is somebody who doesn’t fear going into the dark and the shadows to do her healing, and understands the vital importance in helping change the worlds that we see now. A world heavily reliant on external validation, being someone we are not, ego and fear.

This is your opportunity to fully stand in your power as a woman. To fully embrace all the wonderful magic and tools that are available to you. With my help, I will guide you to slow down, to listen to the natural rhythms of the year, to tap into the energetic vibration of each season, to learn to trust the fierce and feminine rising in your soul, to work with nature and to live the life you want to live wholly and brilliantly.

And have a little fun along the way – it’s not all Kilner jars & spiders legs!

I am ready

What's included over the 12 months

🖤 Work with me

  • A detailed kick off 121 session with me via Zoom to find the wild woman in you (60 minutes)
  • 11 x 121 sessions with me to be taken each month (30 minutes)
  • Individual Voxer access if you want to ask me something privately – I am here to support you. Voxer is a free voice & messaging app that will enable you to share with me and me to be able to coach & support you.

🖤 Work with my team

  • 1 x 121 session with my astrologer & full report to truly understand all aspects of your divine feminine and your soul’s calling
  • 4 x 121 seasonal Tarot readings with my mystic witch
  • 4 energy healing & alchemy sessions with my healer
  • 60 minute intuitive reading with my powerful psychic & clairvoyant

🖤 Work with The Wild Woman Sisterhood

  • 6 bi-monthly teachings or creative workshops with me or one of my phenomenal Guest Speakers. These will include How to channel the energy of the season, How to create a magical home, Kitchen Witchery, Moon magic, Make your own broomstick and make your own healing tonics & tinctures
  • 8 x Witchy Ritual evenings to celebrate the cycles of the year
  • Access to a group of wild women whose wonderful energy will support you & help you grow

🖤 Witchy Gifts

  • A year’s supply of cleansing herbs to burn
  • Two super charged crystals
  • Eight sets of ritual Luna Candles

Sounds amazing - sign me up!

What's the vibe?

Every season holds its own energetic vibration and together we will journey through each glorious part of the year.

I will share with you my personal journey of transformation, provide you with the tools to do your inner work, inspiration to create rituals and ceremonies to celebrate the seasons, prompts to help with your journaling practice and create a little magic in your home.

Investing your time and energy to create change in your life is the kindest, most powerful thing you can do for yourself.  The Wild Women program will help to unlock the power that is rising in you  and magically transform your life.


The air of change and promise that spring blows in is truly inspiring, there is a sense of hope and optimism as life begins to emerge from the earth once more. The energy of Spring is all about new beginnings and now is the time to start thinking about how you truly wish to live. What bought you here? What do you desire to let go of?


Summer rolls in on a warm wind, bringing joy, love, courage, physical energy & strength. When we align with the energy of summer, it offers easy abundance and deep peace. Governed by the element of fire, this time is energy in motion - the perfect time for making things grow and develop. Who are you stepping into? What are you stepping into? What power are you unleashing?


Autumn is the most powerful time of transformation – the leaves fall and nature shifts from abundance to withdrawal. We begin our inward journey, bringing our attention to our interiors worlds. Water is most magical and calls on our emotions and intuition to guide us to what do we truly desire. What is your soul calling you too? What is she trying to tell you?


In winter everything lies dormant in the silent earth, it is a sacred time of rest and reflection. The beautiful feminine energy of winter is that of going within, a time to rest, to restore, to nurture, to nourish, to love & to share… a time to drop our roots deeply into Mother Earth & connect with our deepest essence. What magic lies within? What are you creatively birthing?

Day Retreat in Dorset

As your year of working with the seasons comes to a close, we will gather together for a day retreat in Dorset. We will work together to reflect on your year - what you’ve achieved or what has happened – and in true witchy spirit, finish with a beautiful closing fire ceremony.

I am over the moon with excitement with Awakening The Wild Woman - my biggest, brightest and most magical programme yet. Are you ready to find your witchy vibe, your woman tribe and totally transform your life with the magic of the season?

I am holding space for 12 wild & wonderful women to join me. Will that be you?

Love & twigs


The total worth of Awakening The Wild Woman including all your 121s, Ritual Evenings, Healing Sessions, Readings and day retreat in Dorset is £7,500.

I am offering the programme price today for just £5,555.

There are two ways for you to join...

  1. You can pay in full now and receive a discount to £4,888
  2. Or pay a deposit of £2,222 today and then 11 monthly payments

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"I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

Sophie B