1-2-1 Sessions

Work with me to unlock the full potential of the wild woman inside of you. Together we will heal, release & find what truly lights you up through ancient rituals & practices. And maybe a bit of swearing.

I will show you how to slow down, to listen to the natural rhythms & cycles of the year, to learn to trust the fierce & feminine rising in your soul, to work with nature & to live wholly & brilliantly the life you want to live.⁠

I offer you my experience, integrity, insight & mentorship. I will hold a safe & loving space, my empathetic guidance so that you can do the work that you need to do.

“I LOVE working with Katy. I really feel that I have learnt so much and am so much more understanding and gentle with myself. It has been a real revelation” Michelle F


This work is not for the faint of heart. To do this, we must bring it all...⁠⠀
Dark & light⁠⠀
Softness & strength⁠⠀
Fierceness & grace⁠⠀
Vulnerability & force⁠⠀
Compassion & passion⁠⠀
To do this, we must own it all...⁠⠀
Our fears⁠⠀
Our shadows⁠⠀
Our ego⁠⠀
The messy, hot tears of shame⁠⠀
It is hard, but necessary work. It's exhausting, but you have to keep showing up. Even on the days that your healing is too much & you just crawl into bed shivvering. ⁠⠀

⁠But you do not need to walk this path alone. I didn't. I needed help to find my truth... I worked (& will continue to do so) with brilliant women to help me heal, find my purpose, my light, my gift & hone my craft.⁠⠀
✨ Is your soul searching for something more? And don’t quite know what? ⁠⠀
✨ Are you ready for change, but unsure how to step into a new way of living? ⁠⠀
✨ Are you feeling like you need to create time for yourself to be nourished, supported & loved?⁠⠀
✨ Are you feeling like you need to feel more alive, empowered & free?⁠⠀

✨ Are you ready to be the creatrix of your souls desire? To create magic & manifest your dreams?⠀
If any of these are a big YES, then come & work with me.

My 121 offerings are a beautiful way to re-connect you back to your truth, the divine feminine & to help you start living a life of your choosing.⁠

Email me to book your FREE 30 minute clarity call.

I can’t wait to hear from you. Working with women is my magic, my absolute joy, my gift 🖤

Love & twigs



"I light the Wellbeing Crystal Candle every time I have one of those exhausted end-of-day baths, and the gentle scent immediately makes me feel relaxed. Fifteen minutes later I'm all recalibrated and centred."

Sophie B